10 Ideal Honeymoon Destinations in India

10 Ideal Honeymoon Destinations in India

When it comes to connecting cords between two lovers the first word that comes to our mind is ‘Special’.
With romance steaming high, it’s time for lovebirds to explore the most exotic destinations. Walking barefoot by the seashore, enjoying candlelit dinners always sounds romantic. You might be a bit worried browsing the internet, searching for some romantic destinations in India. With a laidback atmosphere and soulful surroundings, there are a lot of places in India which makes it perfect for spending your honeymoon.
To add to the experience also indulge in some exciting activities in these places. Whether it is a honeymoon or a romantic escape, one thing is for sure, these places will surely leave a mark on you. What’s more, for those of you who love to spend a more relaxing time, these destinations hold a lot for you too.


Andaman: A Place for Lovers

As the name goes, this magnificent island falls in as the perfect honeymoon destination for couples with the crystal clear turquoise waters, the serene beaches and the white sand. Visit some of the best islands and witness the amazing views here along with your beloved. Unravel the mesmeric underwater kingdom with scuba diving. Whether you are an adventurous couple or less adventurous you cannot miss a visit to the famous Neil Island and Havelock Island. Watch the glorious sunset while staying at the finest resort or enjoy a candlelit dinner with your beloved.


Ladakh: Perfect for the Adventurous Couple

Now now! You might be thinking how this could be a romantic destination right? I am going to give you some valid reasons for this. You might be that adventurous couple who love to head out for some thrilling activities. Hold on tight as you ride with your beloved through the highest motorable road Khardungla Pass. Dance to the tune of the rhythmic Nubra Valley along with your soul mate or enjoy an amazing double humped camel ride. Visit some of the famous monasteries and gompas here and witness the monks chanting prayers. And when the evening sets in, sip a hot cup of tea by the small stalls with your beloved.


To the Island of Dreams: Lakshadweep

If you are still scrolling down the list then this place will definitely light you up. Known for its emerald beaches and the turquoise sea waters, Lakshadweep is another perfect honeymoon destination for you. The cluster of one lakh islands, Lakshadweep is all about love and romance. The constant love affair between the beach and the waters will make you feel in love again. What can be more romantic than to hold each other’s hand and take a walk along the serene beaches of Lakshadweep? If you are more likely to indulge in some activities then head out for swimming, reef-walk or water-sports on kayaks. The enchanting vistas of this place are purely beyond comparison.


Volumes of Love Amidst the Silence, Allepey 

Known as the most beautiful back water destination in the world, Allepey suits as the perfect honeymoon destination for lovers.  Cherish some romantic moments with your partner on the houseboats with glittering wooden floors. Engulf yourself in the rhythms of nature as you slowly ride through the waters. The sunrise, the birds singing, the trees and the serenity of the waters will enhance the romance. 


Goa: Love is in the air

This destination might be a Bollywood favourite but Goa is perfect for honeymoon couples. The beaches, the soothing breeze and the glorious sunset here will bring you closer to your beloved. From beaches to places of religious significance and to flea markets; Goa has it all. For that ultimate fun and adventure, nothing can beat Goa. Whether it be the late night beach parties or sightseeing along with your partner this is the one place which will never dishearten you. And for the adventure seekers, there is no limit. Go surfing, white water rafting, cruising or parasailing. Spend your day exploring a few of the best parts of Goa and dine in the evening with that perfect Goan cuisine. And then again the live entertainment on the beach, at shacks and on docked ships are perennial features. Fall in love again and again as you visit this one of a kind honeymoon destination.


Stairways to Heaven, Nainital

What could be better than waking up to the morning with the most glorious sunlight and sipping a hot cup of coffee? Soak in a bit of nature in the misty clouds as you visit this exciting place. Nainital has always been a favorite destination for honeymoon couples. Lose yourself as you witness the milky waters cascading down the hills. Sing your heart out as you take a boat ride on Bhimtal Lake along with your partner. Foggy roads and magical mountains are surely going to cure you of all the tiredness as you stroll through this majestic land. 


The Land of Dreams, Darjeeling

What could be a sweeter escape then traveling to the quaint picturesque blissful landscape with hills and valleys? Let the wind make your hair go crazy as you visit this breathtaking place Darjeeling. The serene mountains in the backdrop and the pleasant weather with a cool breeze makes it a perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. A honeymoon spent here can only be defined as a magical experience. From the most awe-inspiring view of the sunrise over the horizon of Tiger Hills to a laid back toy train ride, this is a haven for visitors. 


Land of Honeymooners: Srinagar

The glittering lake, the romantic houseboats and the Mughal Gardens make Srinagar a beloved destination for honeymooners.  The radiant snow capped hills during the winters and the colourful summers rightly tag Srinagar as a land for honeymooners. Whether you are an adventurous couple or more laidback, there is a plethora of adventure activities and sightseeing tours. Bond with your beloved as you take a Shikara ride on the stunning Dal Lake. Visit the colorful gardens and fill your honeymoon with the most romantic moments. 


The Royal Retreat Udaipur

Planning to treat her with a royal retreat?  Then Udaipur is the best honeymoon destination for you. Rekindle your love with your partner as you visit this spectacular city of lakes. Also known as the Venice of East, this region boasts of a number of lakefront resorts and rooftop restaurants. Spend your evening staring at Lake Pichola or stroll through the streets listening to the gypsy songs of the artisans. Explore the old city walls and click some memorable pictures right in front of the glittering walls. Feel the thrill as you take a horse ride through the distant villages and learn about the local people. It will be a totally different experience. 


For the Romantics: Ooty

When it’s about romance you can’t miss out on Ooty also known as the Queen of Nilgiris. Wake up to a morning with the birds chirping and a majestic view from your balcony. Hold your breath as you enjoy the sight of the Doddabeta Peak which stands tall. Visit the famous Botanical Garden which is spread over 55 acres of land. Share a kiss as you take a ride on Ooty Lake along with your beloved. In the evening stroll through the slanting road while enjoying the serenity of the region.


So lovers, celebrate the beginning of a new story as you start you journey in one of these exotic honeymoon destinations and cherish each and every moment spent in these amazing places.


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