10 Good Reasons to Visit Munich

10 Good Reasons to Visit Munich

Munich is a pretty city in Germany and is known by locals as a city that has the heart of a village.

The city is located just half an hour away from the Alps and we enjoyed our one week stay and tour there. We flew through British Airways and were amazed to experience the pleasant, opulent and dynamic culture in Munich. The city drives an exact balance between modernity and tradition. Let me disclose the 10 best reasons to visit Munich.


10 Good Reasons to Visit Munich

Beer Festival

The beer festival, Oktoberfest, is famous here, and the parade carts are drawn by horses dressed in their finery and people lead a procession in their Bavarian traditional costume. We had the opportunity of witnessing several beer festivals catering to different sections of people. We enjoyed this beer fest as a family and it was the best part of our trip.



Though about 50% of the city was destroyed in the war, it still stands to be a beautiful city and is the first city in Germany that has been rebuilt in the same architectural style of yore. It is predominantly a catholic city that has an essence of Italy in it.



The city is a repository of masterpieces and a jewel in the city's crown. The artistic movement here paved way for abstract art and there are three great art galleries to be enjoyed by tourists.



Munich has the best music through three grand symphony orchestras. The Munich opera repertory theater hosts different concerts every night with great music from world renowned composers.


River Surfing

Munich tourist information would surely cover this and we truly enjoyed surfing the Eisbach River that flows through the English Garden. It is a very popular attraction and we were dressed in wet suits to tackle the formidable river waves.



Cars are an attraction in themselves in Germany. The most beautiful models here are the Audi and the BMW and there is no insignificant model on the roads of Munich. We also had a chance to admire an old pink Morgan and an ancient three wheeled Messerschmitt, with an open top.


Districts to Explore in Munich

This is a very small gay district in Munich, that has a theater built in the year 1872, that was rebuilt in the same style in 1948. The streets in this district are worth exploring for their restaurants, clothes, jewelry and boutiques.



Though the retail market is expensive in Germany and shopping in Munich is not cheap, there are a diminishing number of excellent English book shops in the city. For people like me who have a great passion for history and fiction, Munich bookshops are a pleasant addition to the itinerary.



The Oskar Maria Brassiere is one great place for a post-exhibition discussion with family and to taste the delicious beverages of Munich.


Beer Garden

Located on the east side of the River Isar, the beer gardens here offer great views of the River Isar and the cool beer makes a summer day much better.