10 Canadian Lakes That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Canadian Lakes That Will Blow Your Mind

We spent the summer in Whistler, BC, Canada and traveled into the neighbouring state of Alberta, from there we were constantly blown away by the nature that surrounded us.

The natural colour that lit up the landscape through the huge trees, impressive mountains and epic lakes just blew us away. 

Some lakes can be seen pretty easily from the main roads and highways but those that were the most rewarding were the ones that took a few hours or even a day to hike up to as they also came with the feeling of being totally lost in the wilderness. Each one completely different to the last and all boasting their own shade of magnificent blue, here are our favourite Canadian Lakes.


10 Canadian Lakes that will blow your mind

1. Cheakamus Lake

Located a few kilometers's just south of Whistler Village in Cheakamus with a 7km trail leading down the side of the lake with two campsites along the way. This lake gives epic views of the Garibaldi Provincial Park mountains and is a great place to camp and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.


2. Moraine Lake

The iconic, beautiful and peaceful Moraine Lake located close to Lake Louise, Banff. We would recommend getting here early as it is a bit of a tourist hotspot when the buses start arriving. There are also a few great hikes and some amazing canoeing that can be done on and around Moraine Lake. 


3. Iceberg Lake

Part of the 'Skywalk' trail heading up from Whislter, a not so strenuous hike leading up to a glacier that sits high above the lake. The surrounding area boasts beautiful meadows ladened with huge trees and colourful flowers!


4. Green Lake

Glacier fed and very cold all year round (trust us) this tranquil lake sits on the outskirts of Whistler northbound toward Pemberton. With hikes accessible all around the lake as well as the Nicholas North Golf club situated here it is a great place for a walk, a drink and a bite to eat.


5. Garibaldi Lake

Part of the provincial park and accessible with hikes such as the Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge (featured in photo) this lake can also be visited from the lakeside itself with a popular campground also situated there. We would highly recommend the Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge hikes which bring in different views of the lake and surrounding areas!


6. Lake Lousie

Probably the most well-known of the 10 situated in the state of Alberta. The famous Fairmont Chateau is situated right on the lake and is a perfect stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as staying a night or two. With a couple of hikes accessible from the Lake and also Agnes Tea house a few kilometers's walk and 400m incline walk up to the right hand side of the lake. Tea up the top of a mountain - Yes please!


7. Wedgemount Lake

A beautiful small lake at the top of Wedgemount Mountain. The lake is accessed by a steep 7km hike up Wedgemount with a short scramble at the end. Fed by a glacier at the back of the lake that can also be walked up to with proper snow shoe equipment. This tranquil setting truly feels like you are lost in your own little world.


8. Russet Lake

Located in the Garibaldi National Park and accessible by hiking 14km from Whistler Village. Russett Lake is completly tucked away on the other side of the Blackcomb Glacier, again a magical experience of feeling like you are truly disconnected from civilisation & deeply connected to the wilderness. 


9. Peyto Lake

Located on the iconic Icefields Parkway in Alberta and easily accessible by road. A short walk from the car park boasts an epic view of the lake and glacier to the right in which the mountains loom over the lake which is shaped like a wolfs head. The whole setting feels rather surreal as you stand there and just take it all in!


10. Alta Lake

Situated in the heart of Whistler with stunning views of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, Alta is also the starting point to access the River of Golden Dreams during the early summer months. It is an epic days' activity floating and paddling down the river by kayak, canoe or anything you can lay you hands on that floats! We would definitely recommend getting there in the morning for sunrise as the mist often covers the lake and with the sun peaking over the mountains it is an incredible start to the day!


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