10 Alternative Ways to Travel Around London

10 Alternative Ways to Travel Around London

London, the capital of the UK, can be a lot more fun and adventurous for a visitor, or even a resident, than merely moving around the city, sightseeing using the utterly convenient Tube - which is no doubt the city's life line.

If you're going to use the Tube, it's recommended to get the London visitor Oyster Card.

London offers many more commuting options that will take you from one place to another, while instilling adrenaline-pumping adventure into your travels. There are at least ten different ways to get around London that are fast, cheap and highly adventurous.


Alternative Ways to Commute in London

Crossing the Thames on the Emirates Airline Cable Car

This cable car ride will take you over the Thames, offering birds-eye views of the Greenwich peninsula and the Royal Docks. Besides being a form of transport to get over to the other side of the river, it is an adventurous attraction in itself and it is much cheaper than a cable car ride over the Alps.

With an Oyster card, it is comparable to the price of a tube ride. It starts from near the Excel Centre in London’s Royal Docks, heading across the water to The 02 Arena on the North Greenwich peninsular. You are given the experience of an airline ride with the use of similar terminology such as boarding pass instead of ticket. On the other side you can visit three free attractions nearby, which are The Crystal on Royal Docks side, Nissan’s Innovation Station in the 02 and the Sky Backstage at the O2.


Tourist Cruise on the Thames on a River Bus

A tourist cruise on the Thames, especially if you take one of the Thames Clipper Water Buses can surely be an exhilarating experience. These services are fast and are available throughout the day and most of the night. A cruise from The O2 to the Embankment Pier takes less than an hour and you have the facility of hopping-on and hopping-off at any of the riverside attractions that you fancy, such as the London Eye, Canary Wharf, The Tate, Westminster, The Cutty Sark and Borough Market.


Drive the DLR

The most adventurous and fun way to explore the areas of the East End, Docklands and the Olympic Regeneration zone is to take a ride on DLR’s overground light rail system. The best views and the most exciting experience of riding this driver-less train can only be got by sitting on the seats in the front of the back carriages where the driver would normally sit and get the feel that you are driving the train. To get such a seat you have to stand at the end of the platform. It has one of the most advanced automatic train control systems in the world eliminating the need for a driver.


Cycling Fun on a Boris Bike

With cycle docking stations around the city where you can pick up and drop off a Boris Bike for short term use, exploring the leafy parks or even the streets of London can be a lot of fun and adventure, besides being the healthiest and the cheapest option. The bikes are available throughout the day and night and it is a self service as you take a bike from a rack and put it back in the rack nearest to where you wish to end your journey. You pay a daily access fee and a fee for the time you use the bike. You can also join a private London bicycle tour.


Take a Walking Trip

There can be nothing more adventurous than walking through an area that you wish to explore as you can find different unknown places and small details. Moreover, you can just relax and enjoy the various green spaces and parks of the city. Each time you walk along the same route, you will find new things that you may have missed before. It is also a great way of getting close to the culture and traditions of the local residents. You can get enough physical exercise for the day to be able to sleep like a log at night. You can also join a group London walking tour to discover more of the city's history and highlights.


Experience the Traditional Way of Moving Around by Hailing a Black Cab

If you are not planning to go far, the usually expensive ride on a black cab can prove to be affordable and much more comfortable, stress free and convenient than any other form of transport in London. The main thrill is in hailing the cab and even your kids will want to flag one down.

If budget isn't an issue, and you want to experience the full black cab experience then you can book a full day tour in one of London's black cabs.


Drive Around

For the convenience of going to out of the way places and at the time and pace that you want, driving around the city is the best option although it has its own hazards such as getting lost if you don’t have a SatNav or getting stuck in traffic and even having to pay congestion charge if you are entering central London from 7am to 6pm on weekdays.


Ride a Bus

You can go around London on a regular bus and you can also take a Big Bus tour that will take you to different attractions of the city. It is ideal for a tourist as you have a guide or an audio system that will provide all the information regarding the attractions that you are passing by. You can also hop-off and hop-on again on a subsequent bus after exploring an attraction that you like.


Besides the above options, you can join various more themed tours which can either be bike tours or walking tours. Another option is to either skate around the city or do some skiing even without snow.