Vagrants in Paradise

Vagrants in Paradise


Vagrants in Paradise is my travel-humor book written by a traveler, for travelers. It chronicles my time volunteering on organic farms with friends on the Big Island of Hawaii during the winter of 2010 and the calamities I frequently found myself in.

e-Book: Vagrants in Paradise

The misadventures and lessons learned are weaved with humor throughout the story, as three hometown friends and myself find ourselves immersed in a minimalist life we hadn't much preperation for. Things start out great, but slowly decline as we lose our money and patience, but finally find peace of mind on our last farm. Themes include escaping your comfort zone, gaining life experience through travel, the importance of being kind, friendship, and more.

Anybody traveling and entering the unknown can find solace accompanied by multiple laughs with my book. Inspirations for this book include David Sedaris, Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Bryson, Charles Bukowski, and more. It's available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CreateSpace for Kindle and paperback.