The Travel Dudes Bangkok City Guidebook - Kindle Edition

The Travel Dudes Bangkok City Guidebook - Kindle Edition


Travel Dudes have just launched a new range of ebooks starting with the launch of Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide ebook. Below is some more information about the new ebook range and how to pick yourself up a copy. You can purchase a copy in digital or in print worldwide on the Amazon Prime store.

About Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide

Travel Dudes ebooks are written by travellers for travellers to give you the very best up-to-date travel information out there. We have specifically designed Travel Dudes ebooks to work with the Amazon Kindle reader. Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide is packed full of useful information to help you with your onward journey. Go on an adventure, get lost, explore on your own terms and use this ebook as a useful resource to navigate your way on your next trip to Bangkok, Thailand. The Travel Dudes Bangkok guide is the perfect guidebook to help you navigate the streets of Bangkok city.


This Travel Dudes Bangkok city guidebook includes:

- Accommodation Options in Bangkok
- Bangkok Drinking & Nightlife
- Bangkok Attractions
- Arrival in Bangkok
- Areas of Bangkok
- Transportation in Bangkok
- Transportation In & Out of Bangkok

Also explains:

- Important Thai Cultural Information (Do’s and Don’ts)
- Banking and Money
- Medical Emergency Information
- Shopping in Bangkok
- How to find Bangkok International Food Spots.

Special sections surrounding:

- Thai Food Dining Guide
- Helpful Referral Price Sheet of Items in Bangkok
- Vegetarian Food in Bangkok
- Wi-Fi and Internet Communications

Issues addressed in this book:

- Safety Tips in Bangkok
- Thai Visa Information
- Apartment Rental and Long-Term Stay in Bangkok
- Length of Stay in Bangkok


How to download your copy of Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide

If you don't have an Amazon Kindle, not to worry, you can still read Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide in many different ways. Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide is also available in print. Remember, if you're an Amazon Prime member you can access next day Amazon Prime delivery straight to your door! You can simply order a copy by selecting a print book format from the following links as well as downloading the ebook version worldwide from these locations.

Firstly, Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide is available in many different counties, not just the United States.

United States: USA Amazon Kindle Store
United Kingdom: UK Amazon Kindle Store
Germany: Germany Amazon Kindle Store
Canada: Canada Amazon Kindle Store
The Netherlands: Dutch Amazon Kindle Store
France: France Amazon Kindle Store
Spain: Spain Amazon Kindle Store
Japan: Japan Amazon Kindle Store
Brazil: Brazil Amazon Kindle Store
Australia: Australia Amazon Kindle Store
Mexico: Mexican Amazon Kindle Store
India: India Amazon Kindle Store
Italy: Italy Amazon Kindle Store


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(Not just on the Amazon Kindle, smartphones and laptops also) Did you know that you can read Kindle ebooks on your Smartphone and many different types of tablets? Well, you can, even on your iPod with IOS as well! Kindle for Apple iPhones, iPads and Other IOS devices: Kindle for Apple IOS Kindle for Android Smartphones and tablets: Kindle for Android


Desktop computer or laptop?

Even if you don’t own any of the above, you can still read Kindle books on your desktop computer and laptop, how about that! Apple Mac users: Read Amazon Kindle book on Apple Mac laptop or desktop Windows Users: Read Amazon Kindle book on Windows laptop or desktop This was one of the many reasons Travel Dudes guidebooks were launched on the Kindle Market, it's easy to access to a number of different devices worldwide.

So there you have it, more than one way to read Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide and of course if you have a Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle DX, Kindle Fire, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis or any of the other Kindle devices then it's simple to download the ebook from the Amazon Kindle store, directly from the device itself. Once you pay for the ebook, it's free to read between all devices as much as you want, when you want. Delete and download again, you still pay once per an Amazon Kindle account. The Kindle ebook is yours to keep forever!


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Hope you enjoy the read and happy travels!