Top 7 Awesome Tourist Places in Gujarat to Visit

Top 7 Awesome Tourist Places in Gujarat to Visit


Gujarat is abundant in natural charm, with rolling terrain and unaffected ocean views. As India's westernmost state, it’s terrific area is the home of a variety of sacred sites and incredible destinations. There is even more the city to be checked out, however to start here are 7 interest traveler locations in Gujarat to take a look at.

Here is list of top 7 tourist places in Gujarat

Rani Ki Vav

One that definitely has actually made its location on this list is Gujarat's own UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rani ki Vav, suggesting the 'Queen's Stepwell', is located by the Saraswati river in Patan. The stepwell is a below ground water storage system. The Rani ki Vav was integrated in the 11th century when this technique was at the heights of its sophistication, and committed as a memorial to a king. The design is a stunning inverted temple with seven levels.

It features magnificently elaborate sculpted panels, with over 1,500 sculptures. The site illustrates genius in technical water conserving approaches however also in creative expertise. It is amongst the very best preserved examples of this technique on the planet.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

This palace was finished in 1890 and was the biggest dwelling at that time. The former royal home is huge and luxurious in design. It boasted the most modern amenities of its age. It is not hard to see why it is among the leading traveler places in Gujarat, went to frequently by travellers for years.

The palace sits on lovely grounds that sprawl across 700 acres. Exactly what is now the museum structure was initially the Maharajah's kids's school space. The children would go to school on a mini train that circled a mango orchard on its journey. The palace also originally featured a little zoo, although today, all that remains of it is the crocodile pond.

Musical and other cultural events are held in the Darbar Hall. This hall has ornate mosaics on its walls and floorings, along with grand stained windows that offer incomparable views of the water fountains in the yard outside. Many of the decorations are European and the gardens were styled by experts from Kew Gardens. The palace is a study in high-end and opulence and it is not a surprise that this work of art of architecture has proved a popular tourist choice.

Dwarakadheesh Temple of Lord Krishna

The 2000-year-old Dwarakadheesh Temple of Lord Krishna has five stories on seventy pillars, all crafted from pristine limestone. The temple is said to have been originally developed by Krishna's own grandson on the website of Krishna's house. The building was broadened in the 15th century and draws in floods of admirers from across the world. It is a spiritual site to Hindus and is awe inspiring to visitors of every faith.


These hill temples by the city of Palitana are the site of a trip in between the months of October and November. This includes climbing up the three and a half kilometres of steps sculpted into the hillside. The climb takes numerous hours and an early start, and needs protective headwear from the heat and plenty of water. It is a popular place to visit in Gujarat for its religious significance.

The top of the hills play host to various temples. As it is a religious site, visitors need to know that you cannot take leather goods or food onto the site and it is suggested that you dress modestly. The view at the top is worth the climb, providing an uncommon experience that is off the usual beaten tourist course. Please note though, the site is closed throughout monsoon season.

Gir National park

Gir National Park is among the leading tourist locations in Gujarat we recommend as it provides an uncommon opportunity to experience wildlife. This national park is the home of the last staying Asiatic lions in the wild, which total as little as over 500 lions. Other park citizens include leopards, jackals, antelopes and crocodiles, along with many species of colourful birds.

The best time to see the lions is in the hot months of March to May and the first tour of the morning, when they will probably wager at the waterhole. They are likely to be sleeping the rest of the time. It is likewise advised that visitors avoid weekends and local holidays, as the crowds and entryway costs will be higher.

Great Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch is a seasonal large salt marsh in the Kutch desert. It is one of the hottest parts of India, and should be checked out in between the months of October and May. The vast salt plains are best seen by the light of a moon, when the blue rays bring the large plains to a stunning glow. It is a wonderful experience and an impressive sight that makes sure to stick around in your memory.

Kankaria Lake

The polygonal Kankaria Lake was integrated in 1451 by a Sultan. It is a mile in circumference and features an artificial lake with a summertime palace situated on it. It is not merely a historical website: it has tourist attractions for everybody of any ages. Museums and boat clubs will record the attention of older tourists, while the miniature track is just one of lots of onsite destinations that will keep younger visitors entertained.

There is likewise a zoo and balloon ride safaris that are extremely popular. On the nights, you can feast your eyes on the water and laser light shows that have turned into one of the landmark attractions of the location.

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