Peace and Porridge

Peace and Porridge


The hostess already stood in the small hallway; legs spread, hands on her hips, some flowery Lycra hanging down from her shoulders. She pointed to the kitchen.

"Tea!" Russian always sounds harsh.

No matter the time, no matter her appearance, she knew I loved tea. Every day she awaited me with a hot cup and some kind of pastry, which I was obliged to eat because I always feel I am in a Kofi Annan position whenever I am at a foreign table. That and the fear of her waterboarding me beneath her panties before calling the KGB.


This book contains no recipes nor an in-depth overview of world wide cooking. The writer tells her personal experiences with the food and eating habits of other cultures, analyzing the world and its inhabitants as a side dish. 
Featuring stories about China, Russia, Cuba, Indonesia, Romania, Italy, Germany, Kaliningrad, Portugal, Argentina, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands and more. The book has links to videos matching the theme.
5% of book profits is donated to Heifer International!