This year of Christmas in Taipei, Taiwan

This year of Christmas in Taipei, Taiwan

I love Christmas season, every year I'm waiting for it, and can't wait to see those beautiful, spectacular decorated Christmas tree, and every year, I will take pictures of those, as the most beautiful memory of the year.


This year, of course, I have a Christmas tree review as usual, as living in Taipei so long, this city is changing very fast, and try so hard to keep tourist coming back, and Christmas season is one of most important month for them to create more opportunity increasing selling and then following another big day of Chinese New Year, so from December, street down to Taipei city, become vivid!


Here are some special Christmas tree I spot it!


There are 3 most different decorate I want to introduce specially, Swarovski crystal tree, float steel tree and most I love is wire made Christmas tree, with hounder of flying butterflies, it's beautiful also it;s a art!







Written and contributed Diamondelee