Where did the power go?

Working as an Au Pair in New Zealand:

Where did the power go?

To me, a perfect Sunday includes a long sleep in, a late yummy breakfast and then just chilling out.


A perfect Sunday surely does not start at 7.30am with kids running into my room and yelling "Mara, we have a power cut!"

Normally I wouldn't care. Who needs power at 7.30 on a Sunday morning anyway? Well, live is different on this farm. Power is needed for EVERYTHING! Starting with milking the cows - which fortunately Philip and Pia had managed to finish before we ran out of power. The kids, however, were a little disturbed because they had just been watching TV and Eliza was actually on the phone when suddenly everything went "black".

Now that is not even the worst part. What really is bad - if we're out of power that also means that we have no running water because that needs power to be generated AND even worse - we have no heating - because central heating like in Germany is not common over here. Usually there is a little mobile radiator in each room keeping it warm. Those of course need power. No power, no heating ;-/


Luckily we still had the fire going in the lounge so we snuggled up there and had a little picnic breakfast on the floor.

Three hours later the power finally came back. I could brush my teeth, have a quick shower and turn the heating back on. Pia had already told me a few days ago that power cuts happen at least once a year during winter time - usually when it's flooding after days of rain or when there are heavy storms.

The worst they had was three days without power - without heating AND without running water. Not sure if that is an experience I'd like to make...