Where Am I!?!?

Caitie Goddard in Uganda:

Where Am I!?!?

Kampala shopping list;

2 tshirts size: for a small 11/2 yr old boys but big enough to last 2 years.
Warm peanut butter
Rolling pin
Sanitary Chapatti plate
2 small kids toys
salt bread
True list of things I was searching for when I headed back to Kampala this afternoon. I went to meet Leslie, the head of The Real Uganda, the grassroots organization I am working for and who placed me at KACCAD for coffee. I read about a place called Café Pap in my guidebook which got a 9 for wifi and good coffee so I suggested it. Of course, Leslie knew where it was and told me she goes there all the time for coffee. Basically that means it must be good! It was really nice to sit down and get feedback and have her give me advice or suggestions on things I can do to improve my time here helping others. That is definitely one thing I am so grateful for; going through GVN I knew I would have someone on the ground in Uganda who lived there and knew the people. Leslie has been so helpful and clearly cares about what she is doing.
After a great Americano and discussion, Leslie left me to check out their wifi and possibly another item on their menu! Their food was expensive so I decided to go with just one more coffee and tried the latte. Best. Decision. Ever. And I never EVER exaggerate…but seriously. I drink the flaky shells of coffee beans for breakfast in the morning or if splurging on instant,
consider that a huge upgrade so imagine my joy. Now this really is true. I sat and admired it for 20 minutes wanting to take a picture but not wanting to embarrass myself doing so with people on both sides of me. During this time I was also on the computer and even debated via facebook chat with my friend Kathryn if I should take one! The evidence will show you I submitted myself to an embarrassing moment and took the opportunity to get a photo of art in a cup. Even when the connection accidently was terminated 5 minutes early on my internet session, I was feeling so overly indulgent, it almost seemed righteous that something would inconvenience me a little! But, I’m not done. I left to walk over to Garden City Shopping Center (it’s like Mzungu HQ, you find all the tourists there because it caters to western taste) to meet Brooke and Chris for dinner. We had all gone to Kampala for different reasons but wanted to meet up to eat. There is a place called New York Kitchen which everyone talks about and I really wanted to try. It serves pizza, salads, calzones and basically incredible food impossible to find anywhere else. The food was great though pricey for our standards back in Bulenga but worth it. I honestly felt like I wasn’t even in Uganda today which also made me feel a little guilty. I did not come here to have a day this incredible and delicious and it’s hard to justify it when I know tomorrow I go back to reporting how people don’t have enough to eat or can’t send their kids to school.

So I guess I will try to enjoy and appreciate moments like that without forgetting what I came here for. I will also use all the nutritious variety I experienced to help me get energized for tomorrow!