What to Know When Visiting New Orleans

What to Know When Visiting New Orleans

New Orleans is located in the Louisiana state of United States of America. It is also one of the main ports of the USA. This city is slightly unique due to its varied culture. It is especially known for its French Creole Architecture.

Besides, it is also the place where the famous jazz music style was born. The cuisine of New Orleans is very distinct and one of the most notable events of the country takes place in this city.

Climate-wise, October to November is the best time to visit New Orleans. But the absence of festivals and events stops people from visiting New Orleans in these months.


What to Know When Visiting New Orleans

New Orleans is popular for

Long back, New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina and after that, mass development took place. Various buildings were erected and a new era began. These buildings form the basis of architectural popularity of this city. The most famous type of house styling in New Orleans is the French Creole house type.

These houses are beautifully made, have large courtyards and spacious balconies. One should also visit the Magazine Street which is filled with different kinds of stores and shops.

The music style Jazz was born in this city and that too by allowing slaves to play live music which shows how much humility this city has. New Orleans is also very famous for hip-hop music. It has been an incentive to the career of well known rappers like Lil’ Wayne, etc.


Recreational activities

One must definitely go for bicycling around this city because of its beautiful landscapes. New Orleans is a pretty religious city and visiting St. Louis Catholic Cathedral is a mandatory task. Football is extensively played in this city and New Orleans has a highly participating women’s football team as well.

One can also visit the National World War II Museum where one can procure information related to Invasion of Normandy. In this city, is located the Audubon Nature Institute which is home to different types of flora and fauna. 

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When to visit

The best time to visit New Orleans is between February to May. In these four months, the two biggest festivals of New Orleans take place. These events are Mardi gras (which is more of a carnival) and the famous Jazz fest. The tourist crowd is highest in these months and the rates of stay and other facilities are a little higher than anticipated.

But, this city can be visited any time actually. There’s always so much fun happening around - in the clubs, on the streets and everywhere else, that one will never be disappointed on visiting this city any time of the year. 

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