Westfalia Van Traveling Europe? Where to go!

Capestang, Our Little French Community:

Westfalia Van Traveling Europe? Where to go!

Our family sold everything off in Canada and decided to show the kids Europe in our Westfalia Camper Van!

It was exciting and fun for the kids.

Daniel was seven years old and Angelina was five years old when we started our family adventure.

We bought them scooters in the Decathlon sports store near Budapest for 200 Euros, money well spent and that allowed them to keep up with Alfonz and I, as we walked through the streets of Europe for hours on end.


We took the kids to Hungary, where Alfonz grew up and showed them our favorite spots. The kids specifically loved swimming in Lake Balaton, and our family spent quite a few days camping along its shores. Late spring, summer and early fall in Hungary is extremely lovely, with mild temperatures and is great value for our money, compared to other EU countries.

Austria, Italy, Slovenia, France and Germany, were all places we explored during our stint.

I personally love Italy for the food and warm-hearted people. Germany is one of Alfonz’s favorites, for the beer and his aunt and uncle live there. Alfonz lived in Gernamy for a year when he was a teen, before he moved to Canada and met me.

There is so much to discover through Europe it would take a lifetime to truly slow travel through each region and get to know the people. Our lifestyle does exactly that, exploring and meeting travellers along the way.

We like to immerse ourselves in the culture of a country, meet locals and let them take us into their homes and see how they live. People are people wherever you go and if you travel with an open heart, the same types of people find you and they enrich your experience.

In Austria the weather changed by late fall, and we got some snow at the higher elevations but the heater kept us warm in our Westfalia van.

We splurged and checked into a Kinder Hotel along the mountain range for three days, in the area where the movie Sound of Music was filmed. It was stunning. You could almost hear Julie Andrews singing when you looked out of the window over looking rolling hills towards the Alps.

After 7 months on the road, we are currently settling down to our new life in Capestang, Our Little French Village, in the Languedoc region of Southern France.

We bought a home, and furnishing it lightly to be able to get up and go at a moments notice and continue travelling with our kids. They conveniently have loads of holidays during their school year, making holidays a priority not just for us, but for our French community as well. We have found our people!

We slowly show them the world in hopes they will appreciate it when they grow up. What an amazing time we are having!

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