Welcome to Whangarei in New Zealand

Working as an Au Pair in New Zealand:

Welcome to Whangarei in New Zealand

After a scenic flight over the Northern Island of New Zealand yesterday I finally arrived in Whangarei where I'll be living the next few months. Still on the plane - a small propeller one that fit 20 people in - I was already amazed by the beauty of this country. Even though it's winter there is green everywhere! Most trees don't lose their leaves, the meadows are in wonderful shape and the mountains - OMG the sight was just breathtaking!

Too bad I couldn't grab my camera. My handluggage was stored somewhere on an empty seat up front as the plane was so small it didn't even have overhead compartments to put your luggage in.

But anyway... finally arriving in Whangarei around noon the sun was shining, there was a clear blue sky and it was nice and warm. The Rockells, my host family, picked me up and we drove all the way up to their farm which is situated on a hill about half an hour north of Whangarei.

An hour later I found myself in "farmies" and rubberboots - can't remember the last time I've worn these things - making a mudpie with the kids Lukas and Eliza, watching how calves not even a day old are being fed and older ones getting eartagged.

When their grandpa (another Paul :-) came by and asked me if I was a country girl I simply said "not yet" - and told him the story of how when I was little I ran my uncle's tractor into the creek and after that wasn't allowed to drive it anymore...

I've also met Philip's brother with wife and kids. All very nice and welcoming. Their son Matthew will turn seven tomorrow and there is a huge birthday party all about transformers with 16 or more kids and a whole bunch of adults attending. That's going to be very interesting ;-)

The kids are going back to school/kindergarten on Monday we'll see how it goes once there is a routine. Hopefully the weather will be better. Today we had heaps of rain and Pia told me that once a year at least they get all flooded and might even be isolated and cut off from electricity.

One thing I long for already is my daily cup of chocolate cappuccino. Have to tell my mom to send me some otherwise there is no way I'm getting up at 6.30 am. Don't drink coffee and tea certainly doesn't help...