Weekend off

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

Weekend off

Awesome weekend. Friday Ben, Angela, Steve and I went for a long hike through Belmont. Lots of uphill, but the views from the top were totally worth it. You could see Wellington harbor in one direction, the ocean in the other, and green hills everywhere else. It was perfect. The hike also led us to a hidden waterfall, creeks to cross, lots of sheep (of course), and beautiful flowers.

Afterwards, Steve and I walked all the way to Lower Hutt and back. Twice. Not on purpose. The first time was to buy groceries and the second we missed the last bus and had to go back to the house. The buses stop running at 7 even on Friday nights. Good old Lower Hutt.

What else? Saturday was a lazy day until we went into Wellington and did the reverse bungee!!! It’s like a slingshot that you get strapped into and flung up into the air and then go up and down and spin around a few times. Pretty sweet. Then it was a night of sushi and bar hopping and a 4 hour dance party. Being old enough to go out is as much of a new experience as being in a foreign country.

Today we stayed at home and I worked in the vegetable garden and cleaned out the greenhouse.

More hiking tomorrow.