As we travelled through the rubble and debris of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Haiti Volunteer Journal - Karin Rumpza:

As we travelled through the rubble and debris of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I know it’s been awhile, but it takes some time to get to the internet. 


I decided to venture out on my own today.  The people here are so great.  At no time have I felt threatened in anyway.  Everyone says  hello and many want to practice their english on us.  The only ones not so nice are the  mosquitos.  They are here with force.  The rains have been heavy so they tend to be hungry during the overcast days.


We are getting a lot accomplished here.  Our group continues to amazeme.  We have been dealt with difficult news from the beginning and we just keep plugging along.  Two classrooms have been built, along with a garden, compost pile , bathroom, and many more school day items.  Today, soccer goals are being built with help from the community.  Everyone seems to be very excited about them!


Last weekend a bunch of us visited the city.  As we travelled through the rubble and debris, I couldn’t help but to think, ”why?”  people were carrying on through their daily routines.  They just now walk around and through the rubble.  The NGO’s in the city are massive.  Haiti is really going to change as a result of this.  I’m not sure if its good, bad, or both.  The somber experience was eye openeing.  What really hit me hard was the funeral we came upon .  I shook what looked like a widow’s hand and just cried.  Sometimes there really is no need for words.


The school is going well, but the adult education program is a hit.  It is so fun to hear people conversing and trying out their english on each other!


On Sunday we had an earthquake scare.  There was news around the community that another one was coming.  Of course  they can’t be predicted but we were asked to sleep outside of the building anyway.  I didn’t.  I figured it was a great time to get a good nights sleep alone in my tent with nobody snoring nearby!


There is more to be done around the school so I’m going to head back.  I am looking forward to going home but I have a strong feeling that I will come back here at some point.  I hope the new Haiti will not change the compassion and warmness that the people hold.


Written and contributed by Karin Rumpza (via Global Volunteer Network)