We missed our flights! Where will this trip bring us?

We missed our flights! Where will this trip bring us?

What just happened....

I was just sitting outside, packing my camera gear for our flights to Bali on Tuesday. It is a wonderful sunny day & we were still invited to friends' birthday parties tonight & tomorrow. So I thought, come on, do it different this time & pack your stuff 2 days before departure instead of one!

So I also just got to the computer & printed out our e-tickets. I took the marker & highlighted the most important things... like the time & the date...  THE DATE

I'm still shocked! The date says 23 May! That is... TODAY!  The time says 12:30 pm. That was about 6 hours ago!

I already called Malaysian Airlines in Frankfurt, but their office is closed! Next call... Malaysia Airlines in Kuala Lumpur. They were already so friendly & could make a reservation at least for the flight tomorrow up to Kuala Lumpur, but as they use a different reservation system than their German colleagues, they couldn't tell me anything about any costs.

Right now I have no clue what will happen tomorrow to us! We have no time left right now, as we have to pack our bags & we'll head to Frankfurt tomorrow morning. We just hope that we have the mercy of Kuala Lumpur Airlines that they will just give us the loudest laugh & be generous to fly us to Malaysia & maybe even further to Bali.

I just hope that my next diary entry won't be in Germany anymore! I am such a donkey-monkey traveler! But I knew that some day this would have to happen. Just let's see how this ends... hopefully abroad with a bagpack!

Stay tuned & see what happens...

What an adventure!

Cheers & fingers crossed



(I've also kicked myself already... NO, it is NOT a dream!)