Walking the Oregon Coast Trail: Day 1

Walking the Oregon Coast Trail: Day 1

I first arrived at the Southern Oregon border after camping the previous night in the lawn of a spanish-speaking church in Smith river, California, and walking about 12 miles to Brookings, Oregon. In Brookings, I walked to the Safeway to spend about an hour on my laptop to research the area and search for campgrounds.

I found a campground at the Harris Beach State park just a couple of miles north of Brookings, and made my way to find a spot to pitch my tent for the night.

The Oregon Coast has always been a very special place for me. I can’t exactly explain why, but I always have a feeling of immense peace when viewing the sunset below the horizon of the golden-hued beaches of Oregon. From Southern California to Washington State, I have yet to find a place so magical and freeing in my experience. My first day at the campgrounds I walked around the beach where many visitors and tourists were spending the afternoon.

At the campsite I ran into a friend I had first met several weeks earlier at the Clam Beach Campgrounds outside of Mckinleyville, California. Alexander, was about to enter his senior year of schooling at Idaho State University, and our encounter at Harris Beach afforded more time to talk and learn more about his story.

We spent the afternoon going from RV driveway to RV driveway so that Alexander could use the electrical outlet to charge his phone. As each new RV arrival would initiate are move to find an empty one with electricity. We also had to explain what we were doing to each park ranger that would inquire as to why we were sitting on the picnic tables of an RV spot.

Later that evening at the campgrounds I met a cycling couple from Belgium, who were on a journey to trek on bicycle from Argentina, South America, to Canada, and then to New York City where they would fly back home to Belgium. In total this was a one-year long journey for the tandem. We shared a bottle of wine together and they shared some truly incredible stories from the previous 8 months they had spent on the road. They had swam with sharks, encountered giant snakes, faced frightening snow storms and yet, found exceptional kindness of people from various cultures and countries, always willing to give them a helping hand. My friend Alexander pitched his hammock between two trees outside of the campgrounds, I retired to my tent, ready and awaiting what might happen the next day.


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