Walking Above the Amazonian Jungle in Peru – The Longest Canopy Walk of the World

I'm off to Brazil.... No, I'm not! I'm off to Peru!:

Walking Above the Amazonian Jungle in Peru – The Longest Canopy Walk of the World

It's hot! It's humid! It's sweaty and I forgot the mosquito repellent at the Lodge!

These are not the best conditions to enjoy walking above and in the jungle!

But first you have to get there and that's where it starts!


5 am - The Wake Up Call!

We don't have a phone in our room... The wake up call is a loud knock on the door and you are awake. Getting ready in 30 minutes and off to the boat without any breakfast.

It's chilly and I'm happy that I've got my hoodie sweatshirt with me. The ride takes us from the Amazonas river onto side rivers and right there I spot one of the little Grey river dolphins. It even jumped once a bit and showed us the fin.

That is a good start!

After about a two hour boat ride, we arrived at the next lodge, where we enjoyed a jungle breakfast... pancakes, potatoes, toast with papaya jam and some yummy coffee.

The lodge itself lies in a little river arm and right in the jungle. There is nothing around than green and the sound of the jungle. STOP.... There is????


I love Peru!

Any hotel director or hotel staff in the world who is reading this, if a lodge in the middle in the jungle can provide free WiFi, you should do as well... Don't you think? ;-)

Anyone who knows someone from the hotel industry, forward them this information! :)

So after tweeting and promoting that spot I realized that I forgot my mosquito repellent. Damn it! OK, the other days we actually hadn't that many mosquitoes, so I tried to be tough and a real man and just started the hike without asking the others to maybe lend me theirs.

It's also very clever to wear a black t-shirt when hiking in the jungle. Mosquitoes love black!

While walking I was fine, but our guide stopped every couple of meters and explained us the surrounding nature! Was there ever a moment when I regretted it to have a top guide? Yeaph, that was it!

OK, I'm just kidding. Our guide shared his knowledge with us and it was really interesting. Otherwise would I have known that there were roots looking like a penis? Hahaha... that was of course not everything I've learned.

I sticked with the group and was thinking how I could trick the mosquitoes. How does animals survive in the jungle? They are camouflaged, which didn't work with my black t-shirt, or they are poisoned or pretend to be so.

Luckily my Traveldudes hoodie is bright red! So I pretended to be poisoned and it worked. The mosquitoes pretty much left me alone. But I won't get more into it, how hot it was wearing it!


After about an hour's walk we arrived at the starting point of the canopy walk. Is it the longest canopy walk of the world? It probably is. The guides weren't 100% sure and there might be an even longer one in Australia. But it was definitely the longest one in America and it was definitely long enough to explore the roof top of the jungle!

I loved it!

There are around 16 platforms in different heights and at the highest you reach 37 meters and will have an incredible view!

It's not tough to reach it. You won't probably really feel how you got there. You might be so focused on the surrounding nature or by the shaky canopy, that you just got there suddenly.

If you take your time for observing your surrounding you will see different animals and plants on different heights. I've seen some really nice butterflies and huuuuge ants! These ants have the possibility to fly!

Flying ants! Wow!

When they accidentally drop, they'll fly (fall) towards the tree they were on before. They will try to land on it, so that no predators on the ground get them and they can climb up the right tree again right away.

The sound of the jungle was amazing and the view incredible! There was nothing else in sight then the jungle... and the antenna of the free WiFi. :) But I spotted that one far in the distance only, because the guide pointed it out to me.

If you ever get the chance of doing a canopy walk, don't think twice and go for it! I'm sure you won't regret it!


I was on this trip as part of the Wanderers In Residence project of gAdventures. All views are my own!