Viva Espana, viva Valencia and viva #BlogTripF1

Experience the land of Valencia in Spain:

Viva Espana, viva Valencia and viva #BlogTripF1

Viva Espana! - as it is a lovely country with many friendly people and nice destinations!

Viva Valencia! - as it is one of the nice destinations!

Viva #BlogTripF1 - as it got together amazing people who love to travel & to socialize!

Said enough? No... I guess not!


@IsabellesTravel & I arrived on Wednesday and had a walking tour with Claudia. There are many interesting places and if you like tours in general, you shouldn't miss to have one in Valencia.

We went first through the river bed, which is now an 8 km long park nowadays & right in the city centre! Can you believe that it nearly got a highway? Incredible!

Just keep walking through the park & you start relaxing. The surrounding city noises vanish & you see locals how they enjoy this oasis full of trees, water fountains, skate areas & playing grounds. In the end of the park we reached the famous City of Arts and Sciences.


The City of Arts & Sciences is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia, Spain. It is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia. Designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, the project underwent the first stages of construction in July, 1996 and the finished "city" was inaugurated April 16, 1998 with the opening of L'Hemisfèric. The last great component of the City of the Arts and the Sciences, El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, was presented in October 9, 2005, Valencian Community Day.

The complex is made up of the following buildings, in order of their inauguration:

- L'Hemisfèric — an Imax Cinema, Planetarium and Laserium. Built in the shape of the eye and has an approximate surface of 13,000 m².

- El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe — an interactive museum of science but resembling the skeleton of a whale. It occupies around 40,000 m² on three flats.

- L'Umbracle — a landscaped walk with plant species indigenous to Valencia (such as rockrose, lentisca, romero, lavender, honeysuckle, bougainvillea, palm tree). It harbors in its interior The Walk of the Sculptures, an outdoor art gallery with sculptures from contemporary artists. (Miquel from Navarre, Francesc Abbot, Yoko Ono and others).

- L'Oceanogràfic — an open-air oceanographic park. It is the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe with 110,000 square meters and 42 million liters of water. It was built in the shape of a water lily and is the work of architect Félix Candela.

- El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía — an opera house and performing arts center. It contains four large rooms: a Main Room, Magisterial Classroom, Amphitheater and Theater of Camera. It is dedicated to music and the scenic arts.

- El Puente de l'Assut de l'Or — a bridge that connects the south side with Minorca Street, whose 125 meters high pillar is the highest point in the city.

- L'Àgora — a covered plaza in which concerts and sporting events (such as the Valencia Open 500) are held.

- The Valencia Towers — forming part of a project of the construction of three skyscrapers of 308, 266 and 220 m. The project has been put on hold and the possibilities that it will be finished are seen by many as doubtful.



After all these informations we needed some gooood food & there is this great restaurant...

La Rivá

There we met @VelvetEscape & @AdventureGirl & later we went together to the Sha Wellness Clinic.



The Sha is quite an interesting place!

It's location is superb & you can see the bay of Albir/Calpe & the lovely mountains of the backcountry. The rooms are fantastic & you feel like in a 5 star hotel... BUT it's not a hotel!

It's a clinic!

You should remember this!    I didn't until I had breakfast the next morning!

I was looking forward to a huge unhealthy breakfast with eggs in different varieties, sausages, ketchup, sugar, fatty bread... & found cereals with no real milk! With real milk, I mean the milk of the cows, which I can see out of my window right now. The milk in the Sha is from goats, rice & soya. Interesting! The coffee will be served with no sugar! But I actually must admit, that it's also quite good with honey!

So I guess you are asking yourself what that place is all about, right?

It's all about the Macrobiotic diet! I've never heard that word before, so I guess some of you haven't either. Here is the Wikipedia link. If you are seriously ill, you should really consider to take your savings and enjoy The Sha! & by the way... the dinner was really delicious!

We've met the son of the owner and he told us the amazing story, how his dad started this macrobiotic diet & how his really bad illness was cured. That was the reason why the whole family have opened The Sha & still run it as a family business!

It is a really impressing place!





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