¡Vamos! Asturias cider tradition

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¡Vamos! Asturias cider tradition

We had a wonderful start of our trip with turismo Asturias in Oviedo.

For everyone who hasn't been to the beautiful place in the North of Spain – you should go there at least once.

Asturias is what the spanish people call "the green Spain". In Asturias there are about 5 world biosphere declared by Unesco. So you now probabbly understand what the name is about. It is also a popular place for the local spanish people to travel to. That is what it makes it even less touristic for us "foreigners". That is really nice, because most travellers like to be part of the local crowd and be one of them.

What I can't believe is that Asturias has even more rainy days then Wales in the UK. We were so lucky with our trip, because we just arrived when the weather turned out to be very sunny. The locals were very happy about it as well and most of them tried to soak up every litle bit of sun. The weather or better the temperature and the landscape is just perfect to be very active.

Asturias has a wonderful scenic mixture of mountains and coastal side. There is a path along the whole coast of Asturias which sounds enjoyable to explore by bike or foot. And of course there are many little fisher-villages with old traditions along the way. Plan a little break in between.


Oviedo the capitol of Asturias is a really lively city with quite a lot attractions. It is not placed at the ocean, but really has some reasons to visit it. There is a really traditional market with many local products and a pretty town center. At market time, the city is crowded with locals who in between love drinking some of the very famous cider.

The cider of this region is well known as the best in Europe.

It is pretty usual to have a glas of cider with friends in the afternoon instead of drinking a cup of coffee. And the locals have a very special way to drin? it.  Traditionelly the Asturians share one glas with the group of friends and just inject the glass in between. They pour a tiny rest of the cider behind themselves on the floor. They don't fill up the glas to the very top, to make it possible to empty the glass with a few sips.

That is the reason why the cider places in Asturias are always a bit smelly and have sawdust on the floor to soak up the fluid.