Vacation Travel: How to Save Money and Make Memories

Vacation Travel: How to Save Money and Make Memories

You deserve a vacation!

It is not just a sentiment it’s a fact, and if you are like most people the intention to get away is there but you aren’t sure if it fits in your budget.

Did you know that the difference between getting a good deal and paying full price for your vacation depends on your time and developing a strategy? You can learn some of the secrets that frequent flyers use to get value, economy and fun from their vacation without breaking the budget before or during your trip.


Convenience Suites

If you have a large family, eating out can constitute the largest expense on a vacation (aside from air travel). Smart families will book a suite to accommodate everyone, and include the amenities of a kitchen. Even if you only eat breakfast and lunch at your suite and choose to go out for dinner, you are still saving more than 40% of the cost of your meals while on vacation. And you will eat healthier too.


Check Your Points

When was the last time you checked your loyalty reward points with your favourite airlines or credit card companies? While you may not have enough to take a free flight, often miles can be applied to partially discount your flight. If you are travelling alone, check to see if you have enough miles to upgrade to business class for some extra luxury at no extra cost. It’s a great way to save and use up your miles at the same time.


Browse Online Fares

Take the time to comparison shop well in advance of your departure date. You should start looking at least three months ahead of time (depending on your destination and flight availability). Get an idea of what the standard fare is for travel during your ideal vacation time and remain flexible with arrival and departure times. Inconveniently early or late flights can save you anywhere from 15% to 40% on the cost of your ticket.


One Price Packages

The all inclusive vacation is the friend to all budget travelers. The convenience of paying one price that includes your airfare, hotel accommodations and meals and beverages allows travelers the opportunity to control the expense of the vacation. Once your package is booked, simply board the plane and enjoy! Take a little extra for spending and cab fare, but other expenses are already prepaid. This makes for a relaxing vacation for everyone.


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