Useful Guide to Purchase a Caravan Fridge while Travelling or Camping

Useful Guide to Purchase a Caravan Fridge while Travelling or Camping

A caravan fridge certainly has got a lot of utilities while you are travelling or camping. This is undoubtedly the costliest item in your entire camping kit. When you choose a 3-way caravan fridge for major camping expeditions, you must be aware of the fact that what sort of alternative fuel consumption is used for basic camping expeditions.

Here is a checklist which will help you in choosing the best caravan fridge as per your requirement and budget.

  1. Size – You need to choose the size of the fridge as according to the number of people who would be using it during the camping. A caravan fridge of 40 liters is ideal for a couple whereas a large family might need a larger caravan fridge of about 65 liters. In case you are carrying canned foods and powdered milk, you would probably require a lesser pace as compared to fresh foods. Also, the length of the trip is a major determining factor for choosing the right portable fridge size.
  1. Brand – You should ideally choose a popular brand of caravan fridge as they are more dependable and enjoys a good reputation. The spare parts of the popular brands are easily available in the market, so it is easier to maintain.
  1. Great insulation – You should choose a model of caravan fridge which has got a thicker insulation as it would help in lesser power consumption. A cover adds the right insulation and removes the issue of overheating which usually happens in the plastic or metal body.
  1. Power of withstanding rugged roads – While you are going camping, you may come across rugged roads. So, you should ideally choose a model of caravan fridge which can withstand the strain. The fiberglass fridges are considered one of the best.
  1. Powerful compressor – The compressor is undoubtedly the most important part of the caravan fridge. So, you should ideally choose a model which has got a powerful compressor to ensure its long life. The compressor warranty should be long.
  1. Power consumption parameters – The power consumption is one of the prime factors while choosing a model of a caravan fridge. A good quality fridge should not use more than 1-2 amperes per hour.
  1. Extra features - There are several models of caravan fridges from reputed brands which have got some extra features that are really convenient and attractive. One such feature is the provision of setting the fridge in a particular temperature that is convenient to the user.
  1. Dual-zone fridge/freezer – You should ideally choose a model of caravan fridge which has got dual zone. These fridges have got independent thermostats and compartments. This allows the fridge to control the temperature of the freezer and the fridge separately.
  1. Cheaper options are not always a great deal – You should never opt for the cheapest and unknown brands of the fridge. You should ideally choose a good brand name and also necessarily check for all the features that you are looking for. You can choose from a small fridge with a heavy motor or a small fridge that will work on less power consumption. This will actually allow you to save more on the overall fuel expenditure.
  1. Get the accessories as part of the package – When you purchase a caravan fridge, the cover comes with it as a part of the package. So, never forget to get that from the retailer.


The above check-list would certainly help you in choosing the best caravan fridge for your camping and outdoor trips. While going for a high range traffic or camping expeditions, you can buy a 3-way camping fridge that uses LPG gas. Alternatively, you can use a tank of propane gas to power a small refrigerator for few weeks.