Uluru - Australia`s iconic attraction

Uluru, where magic happens!:

Uluru - Australia`s iconic attraction

I`ve had the opportunity to experience Uluru from every angle.

I know most people only come for a day trip or 2 days top, but I recommend to take your time, because there`s so much to see out here!

I started off with an incredible dining experience called Sounds of Silence. You watch the sun set over Uluru and Kata Tjuta from a private dining setting in the middle of the desert. While sipping a glass of sparkling wine and the sound of a didjeridoo filling the air, you can watch the colors changes as the sun slowly sets over Kata Tjuta and Uluru. When the darkness falls, thousands of stars appear in the Southern sky, taking your breath away. It almost feels as if you can touch them…

My next day was filled with a Kuniya walk, where you learn more about the Tjukurpa  and to see Uluru in one of the most spectacular ways, aboard a helicopter. Enjoy the amazing sights within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park from a unique perspective. I was lucky enough to have seen it while the sun was setting down, which offered fantastic views. Another way of seeing the sunset is on the back of a camel, traveling for one hour on friendly camels that take you out into nature to offer a great view over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

And of course you can`t leave the Outback without seeing the sun rise over Uluru. So I got up bright and early to experience this magnificent event.


Because Uluru has so much history and culture, I think it`s important to learn more about the Anangu people. The best way is to join Anangu guides for a walk along a path to Uluru following the track of the ancestral Liru. Hear stories of the ancient Western Brown Snake, Liru on the Liru Walk and see examples of Anangu rock art along the Mala walk. If you like walking, then the Base walk is for you. This walk takes you all the way around Uluru rock.

To really get the whole experience, join a Dot Painting Workshop where you learn about Aboriginal art and culture form aboriginal artists themselves!

Most people come out to visit Uluru but forget about the beautiful Kata Tjuta or also named the Olgas. Try to schedule it into your visit to the Outback, because it`s definitely worth it. Do the Walpa Gorge Walk or see the sun set over domes of the Kata Tjuta.

I ended my trip with a special moment, seeing the sun rise from a remote location in the desert of the National Park. You have a view over Uluru and Kata Tjuta while having breakfast around a campfire.


A special thanks to Northern Territory Tourism for this amazing trip.