The Ultimate USA Road Trip - 44 Days on the Road

The Ultimate USA Road Trip - 44 Days on the Road

My husband and I have just spent 44 days on the road, exploring the United States of America, and wow, it has been a whirlwind!

We started in New York, and then went north, up to Portland, Maine. From there, we explored the east coast – all the way down to Miami.

Just exploring the east coast has already been an amazing experience. We were lucky enough to mix things up by staying in motels, hotels, lodges and resorts.

And, gosh, were we eating some amazing food!


After Miami, we started to head back inland, towards Tennesse, and Lynchburg. We visited the Jack Daniels Distillery – what an amazing experience!

Spending the next three days in New Orleans (or N’Awlins as the locals pronounce it) was an absolute treat. We stayed just off Bourbon Street, and ate more incredible food.

Next up was a couple of days in Austin, Texas, and then we spent an enthralling few days on a dude ranch riding horses, practising roping, and visiting the local saloons. We really wanted to get the full American experience, and we certainly were doing that!

As we approached the end of our journey, we drove through Santa Fe for Halloween – I went as an undead cowgirl and my husband as a werewolf! Then we visited the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Death Valley.

I could not have asked for a better experience, or a more incredible journey. It has been out of this world.  Recording the whole trip on my blog has been one of the best parts of the whole thing – I have all the stories, pics and details all posted for my friends and family back home, and for anyone else looking to do the same thing!

Stay tuned for my next travel diary post here, where I’ll put up all my tips for planning the ultimate road trip. Chat soon!


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