Travelers Don’t Leave Home Without It – 4 Things We Must Carry and Why?

Travelers Don’t Leave Home Without It – 4 Things We Must Carry and Why?

If you look around in the airport, there are four standard things that travelers find inseparable. 

Double-duh. That’s easy.

Whether its business, leisure, or bleisure (business & leisure trip) travel, here’s some of my recent observations:

Most travelers are using one or more of the following electronic gadgets:

1. Primary smartphone
2. Secondary smartphone or dumbphone
3. tablet computer
4. Laptop


What’s even funnier is looking at travelers that are constantly at the mercy of a power outlet. Seriously, how silly is that? Can you imagine what each airport’s utility bill is from people just charging their phones and laptops globally per day?

So check it out, and let me know what you think.


Ever watch people when they offboard a flight?

We are all like technology crack addicts looking for a charging station fix. For travelers, it’s also become a territorial thing too. I had one person stake me out because I had a BB charger and asked to use it when I was done.

Agree? Stop and let tat germinate for a sec.


Have you ever looked at people huddled in smartphone prayer formation around a cell phone charger stand? 

I notice as people offboard from their domestic or international flights they are scouting immediately for a standing or sitting spot on a wall, corner, or phone charger stand opposed to their connecting flight.  

Hey! I won’t lie to you…No matter what I do I am guilty as well.

So wait? Aren’t we supposed to give ourselves a technology detox from the stresses of our working worlds that we all pay big bucks to escape from? How have we’ve let this gadgetry, apps become our sedative for living? Whether it’s between layovers, waiting for luggage, standing in line, or taxi ride our on-demand lives and apps now serve as our Zen moments.

Such a thing?

I asked leisure passengers why they carry 2 phones or gadgets?

You’ll love this. Keep reading.

1) Separating both worlds was important in maintaining a work life balance.

2) Hot spots give instantaneous connectivity and the other phone allows them to talk simultaneously.

3) A smartphone thinks for me and the other a dumbphone with no bells and whistles gives basic functionality (vis-à-vis).

4) BBM features of Blackberry is a hit with people trying to stay connected internationally for “free” as long as there is free WiFi, but iPhone outranks with great camera, video, and Internet performance (any Android’s?)

5) They type faster emails with their smartphone and feel more efficient listening or talking via their iPad or the reverse.

6) One female said personal phone rules after 5 pm and she ignores her work phone. She may check it once before going to bed just in case.

7) One husband and wife said it keeps the kids busy while travelling on a flight.


For those travelers that didn’t want to lug the electronic archives of their life while on vacation, the iPad was also another convenient option to stay connected or provide entertainment as their electronic library for music, reading, movies, or games.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Are you a power outlet pimp at the airport?

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