Traveldudes is going to Valencia! #BlogtripF1

Traveldudes is going to Valencia! #BlogtripF1


It's here! June is here, which means that the Valencia #BlogtripF1 has arrived!

Four long months I've been waiting for this trip, for this moment...

Who am I?

I'm Lezaan (@axpet), the lucky Traveldudette who's representing @Traveldudes on the Valencia #BlogTripF1


Tomorrow - 22nd June - is when it all kicks off. I've not been to Spain in two years and I've never been to Valencia. All I can say is:

Hello sunny Spain!

Hello beaches!

Hello Spanish cuisine, city tours and all things Formula 1!

I can't wait to for the first glimpse of the race track, which is near the spectacular Port.


Follow me as I tweet on behalf of @Traveldudes and @axpet as we explore the City of Valencia and the best it has to offer, as well as the drama, excitement and glamour that surround the world of F1.

This is my first #BlogTripF1 diary entry and I'm off to pack now. Stay tuned for more travel tips, articles and photos on Traveldudes and Traveldudes on facebook!

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Thank you Traveldudes!