Traveldudes is off to explore Jordan and will experience something special!

Traveldudes is off to explore Jordan and will experience something special!

The last couple of months there were a lot of travel bloggers visiting Jordan. I've read their articles with excitement and loved all those nice pics.

So what could I add to all those experiences what others haven't done yet?

What about "jumping" down a mountain?

Does that sound good and like fun?

No, I won't do BASE jumping... I'll hike on one of Jordan's highest mountains in Wadi Rum and then it's time for some abseiling! Let's hope the rope is long enough and that I can take the height!

The Moon Adventure – Surviving Adventurous Wadi Rum in Jordan


What does camping in Jordan look like? I'll let you know! A jeep tour is of course part of that experience! So let's see if my guide and the driver gets me into the real desert... Away of the tourist path!

A real Bedouin experience

Did you know that you can go Scuba Diving in Jordan? I hope it won't be in the Dead Sea... Is that the reason why it's called like that? Are there so many dead scuba divers in it? I'll find that out for you, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be in the Gulf of Aqaba in the South of Jordan. It will be my first dive... Unbelievable, right? I was more the snorkel guy, up till now. But only because I just didn't get to it. So I'm really looking forward to go diving in Jordan!

What else sounds like fun? What about some canyoning? Sounds good? Let's go for it in Jordan and let's experience the Siq trail in Wadi Mujib!


So many highlights and still... There are two left:

Petra and the Dead Sea

I'm so excited, that I just bought a new camera. I hope you are looking forward to those pics as much as I am!


Thanks to Visit Jordan who organized this trip!