Top Reasons to Travel Abroad

Top Reasons to Travel Abroad

If you have ever thought about travelling abroad, and not quite found the motivation you need to book those tickets, get ready to grab your passport and be inspired to go with our...


Top ten reasons to travel abroad:

1. Gain Independence

If you are starting out on the path of life, even moving out of home can be a little daunting. Make the transition easier by travelling first. You will learn to be resourceful and work things out on your own. A great lesson in independence while seeing the world.

2. Real Life Education

You may have seen other countries and cultures on the tele or the internet, but nothing compares to seeing places in real life. Be prepared to learn more than you ever knew possible when you step into other peoples worlds; some will make you laugh, others will make you cry.

3. Meet New People

Ok, you can meet new people close to home, but to truly expand your horizons why not head to another country to make some new friends? The world is your oyster as they say so go find like-minded people and enjoy.

4. Leave Possessions Behind

When you travel, you realise that material possessions mean a lot less than we tend to think, and family and friends are what really matters. Enjoy leaving your stuff behind for a while, and maybe declutter when you get home and realise how much you have.

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Travelling is sometimes scary, heading into situations you know nothing about. Well, it turns out the stepping out of your comfort zone is actually really good for you, so give it a go. See how other people live and experience their lives, it might make you grateful for your own or determined to make changes.

6. Learn a Language

It is always good to learn a new language, it exercises the brain and encourages you to do even more of that all-important comfort zone stuff. What better place to practice than with native speakers?

7. Try Something New

Cruise ships are a great way to see the world, and give you an opportunity to move between several locations while travelling in style. The Galapagos Islands is one trip that lets you explore the enchanting archipelago, an area of South America filled with amazing sights and new experiences.


8. Stay Healthy

Travelling is considered good for the health as you relax and release the stresses of daily life. Give your immune system a break and head to the nearest beach for some R and R.

9. Celebrate

If you have just finished your A levels or perhaps a degree what better way to celebrate. Getting married or divorced? Got a new job? Whatever the occasion travel is a great way to celebrate.

10. Because Life is Short

Life really is an unknown period of time, so as with all life-based advice, live it! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, so make those plans and get out there, you never know how long anyone has on earth so be happy and explore.


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