Three US Travel Destinations on the West Coast

Three US Travel Destinations on the West Coast

Looking for a getaway? 

The American West Coast has some wonderful travel destinations.

Whether you are looking to visit Hollywood or a planning a nature hike, the West Coast has you covered. 

The wide-open spaces and mountain peaks that produce gorgeous scenic routes along the Pacific Ocean. The American West Coast is known for its beautiful road trips, which feature the wildest and most beautiful landscapes, from national parks, coastal cliffs, hotels and lodges. Don’t forget the vibrant cities that are not just on its shoreline but dot the entire West Coast.


Three Perfect Road Trip Getaways on the American West Coast

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is packed with adventures that will keep you entertained all day.

Biking, hiking, camping, breathtaking vantage points and rafting are some of the activities that Grand Canyon has to offer.

The Grand Canyon can be a very touristy spot. The Canyon gets about four to five million visitors annually, mostly during the summer. Knowing the right time when to visit the Canyon can be beneficial, avoid big crowds and the scorching 40-degree temperatures.

The ideal time would be during the winter months, it is far less crowded, and the air is much fresher and not too hot nor cold. The Canyon runs in an east-west direction for 27 miles, and is an average of 10 miles wide.

Grand Canyon National Park encompasses 1.2 million acres. Your experience there will be determined by which rim you visit (the edges are only 24 miles apart as the crow flies; a distance that takes 200 miles to drive by car). The South Rim is easier to reach from Phoenix or Las Vegas, and consequently much more crowded, but has far more amenities.


San Francisco

One of the greatest things about San Francisco is how vibrant and multicultural the city is. Explore Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison or Chinatown.

It is truly essential that you go out to the wonderful restaurants in the Bay Area. San Francisco offers some of the best eateries in the country. San Francisco can claim they are the mecca of bread, specifically sourdough bread -the city offers some of the best sandwiches. Keep in mind; due to its proximity to the ocean, the city usually stays calm and breezy all year round- so don’t forget to bring a light jacket!


Las Vegas

Looking to Party? Here is a list of Last Vegas bachelor party ideas. You can hop into a convertible and get on the road for a nice road trip to “Sin City”.

Las Vegas is designed to make you feel excited and glamorous no matter what time of the year you and your friends decide to visit. 

The bright lights, the mega clubs and the daytime pool parties will definitely keep you awake at all times.  Las Vegas has you covered for all occasions whether it’s spring break, a casual get away, or your friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party.