Things to Keep In Mind While Travelling To Singapore

Things to Keep In Mind While Travelling To Singapore

Looking for Singapore vacations but falling short of ideas? Fret not. I will tell you what are the things you should keep in mind while embarking on your Singapore vacations. Read on!


1. Laws Are Very Strict

Yes, no doubt the place with an exotic reputation is very beautiful to tour with your sweetheart or with your family. But in terms of laws, I must say, Singapore is far better than India or any other Asian country. Singapore is one such country that is very keen for their laws. That means you can be in trouble for misbehaving on the road or creating chaos over the streets.


2. Cameras Are The Third Eye Here

That’s a very impressive thing about Singapore. In Singapore, cameras are installed almost at every street to maintain the safety of their citizens or tourists. And that’s the thing which makes Singapore unique from the rest of the tourist destinations. If you’re planning to trip Singapore with your ‘Gangs Of Girls” or you’re a solo female traveller, you’re totally safe in Singapore. Bingo!


3. Chewing Gums Are Totally Banned

Folks, you’ve heard that right. You can’t chew a gum in Singapore. There are many reasons why the Singapore government has taken this initiative in the early 90’S. Let us not talk this in detail, come to the major point, You can purchase a chewing gum only with the prescription of a medical officer.


4. Do Not Litter

The city of Singapore is known for its cleanliness and this you’ll get to know when you’ll land there. Littering on the streets of Singapore is considered a punishable offence. Means, you will get in trouble for not following this rule. Moreover, you’ll be warned in first 2 attempts, but later, you’ll be imposed with a heavy fine plus, you need to clean the street with a board hanging on your neck of ‘Do Not Litter”. Now chances are you’ll avoid doing this in Singapore.


5. The Ultimate Shopping Paradise

Dying to adore your wardrobe with your favourite brand? Singapore is the place. If you’re travelling with your sweetheart on your honeymoon, you should visit Mustafa shopping centre because the hub is open 24*7 with possibly all sort of shopping items.


6. No Language Barrier

To all those who think language could be a barrier on your trip to Singapore, then you must switch your thoughts. Language isn’t a barrier here in Singapore. Most of the people here speak Hindi, English, Tamil, Malay, Mandarin. You don’t need to venture far if your communication skills are not that much good. Just talk to the locals in any of these languages, they’ll be happy to assist you.


7. Man Made Island

Last but not least, Sentosa Island demands a visit on if you’re planning to visit Singapore. This man-made island boosts mega-adventure parks for kids also and has a plethora of beaches where you can swim, surf, relax and leisure.

Liked my content? So, what are you waiting for? I’ve sorted your doubts regarding Singapore vacations.