Tested - The Roomarama Short Term Rental in Brick Lane, London

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Tested - The Roomarama Short Term Rental in Brick Lane, London

Have you ever thought of staying in an apartment when visiting London instead of booking a hotel or hostel?

You should consider it!

First of all it gives you that comfy feeling, a bit like staying at home. You've got a bit more space than a hotel room, as you have a real living room and a kitchen. Sure, you could book a suite in a hotel, but these are usually more expensive and most often can't provide that homely feeling.

We stayed in an apartment in Brick Lane, London. That area is young and trendy. You'll find nice little cafes and at the southern end many asian and delicious food stalls. But there are also many artists with their galleries in and around Brick Lane. The walls of the streets show some great art, as many of them have some funky graffitis.

The apartment was clean and spacious. I especially liked the living room, as the kitchen, dining area and couch were all in one room. I know that some people like to have the kitchen in a separate room. I actually like it all in one. It's more social, as the chef is also able to join conversations while preparing a meal. I also don't mind to smell in advance, what later will be presented on the plates.

The apartment had everything we asked for: 2 bed rooms, a WC, a kitchen and most important: free WiFi!

The turnover of the key worked nicely. I got an email upfront with a contact address, where I just had to confirm my booking and to let them know when we would arrive.

We got the info that the lady above might get angry, if we should bang the front door. But that was fine, as we just waited with banging the door until she was asleep... Hahaha... Just kidding! Why should I bang a door, unless I'm really angry? There was no reason at all to be angry, so I guess the lady was fine with having us as well. ;-)

The only manko was that the windows in the living room towards the street and houses had no curtains. So in the evening you were definitely in the spot light for the neighbours. Some care, some don't...

Close by is also the Shoreditch High Street tube station, which is not the best spot to get into central London, but with one change of lines, you'll get pretty much where you would like to go.

Brick Lane is a fab spot and I would like to see more of that area at my next visit in London! To stay in an apartment is definitely a nice way to do so, especially if you travel with friends. That way you can share the costs. The Brick Lane apartment starts with around 230,- Pounds for the first night. If you stay with 4 persons, that's a fair price compared to hotels or even hostels, especially if you consider that it's a fully equiped and nice apartment what you get.