Tested - The base2stay Hotel in Kensington, London

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Tested - The base2stay Hotel in Kensington, London

On their homepage it says it's a "boutique and luxury budget hotel".

Interesting! Luxury Budget Hotel? Does that work?

Yes, it does...

But let's first see where you'll find the base2stay hotel. It's situated just a block away from the Earl's Court Tube Station in Kensington. That area is posh! From the hotel we've walked to Chelsea and we just passed Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, Range Rovers, but also apartments with rental costs of 5.000 pounds per week!

From that point of view, the base2stay is definitely in a luxury area. What else of luxury can it provide? We've stayed in a superior room and when we opened the door it first seemed a bit small. But the third extra bed, which we had, made the room look a bit smaller as well.

This room had everything what you would expect of a superior room!

There was the nice bathroom with towel heating, a big flatscreen TV and even an extra sink in the room itself. We haven't found that one right away, as it was hidden in one of the wardrobes. Tea and coffee was provided as well. Quite useful, as the hotel doesn't offer any breakfast. You'll get 15% discount at a bar close by. That breakfast was good, but there were other places, which were cheaper and seemed to offer the same standard.

The room itself was decorated in a modern and elegant style.

base2stay offers free WiFi! Superb! That's the way to go!

I also liked the TV entertainment system. You were able to go into the internet with it, if a guest shouldn't have brought his/her notebook. The usual TV channels, wake up service, movies, weather forecast, games and music were offered as well. On the first look, I really liked the choice of music. You could choose between many different genres and then listen to one of the many listed CDs. Mmmhh... I couldn't. I chose Soul and the Blues Brothers to start the day. Sadly there was just one song, which was played. All the others were just listed, but didn't work. I've tried a few other genres and CDs and the result was the same. I'm sure that they will work on that.

Never mind! We weren't there to hear music. I needed a bed and that one was really comfy! Really comfy!

We had one of these mattresses, which I would describe as hard and soft. You lay down and you first think it's a harder type of mattress. But after 2-3 minutes you realize that it's actually quite soft, but not so soft, that you dissapear in it. I slept wonderful!

What other rooms do they have? You'll find rooms with bunk beds, single rooms, standard double rooms and superior rooms. The price for a room lies between 95 - 247 pound per night and room. Comparing their lowest rate to a double room in a hostel, you'll find no big difference. For a hostel in London with a good rating, you'll pay around € 40,- per person but might have a shared bath. So overall, you could call it a budget place, if there is something like that at all in London.

Talking about budgets, you shouldn't consider coming by car, as there is not really much parking place around and pretty much only for residents. There is an inner courtyard in the back of the hotel with 2-3 parking possibilities, but to park there for a day, also costs 30 pounds.

On my next visit to London, I would be happy to stay again at the base2stay Hotel. It gets my thumbs up!


Update 02.04.12: I just got the info from the Hotel, that the TV entertainment system is now fixed and working. Now you should be able to listen to all the music. Great! That's the way to go!