Surf up or relax at Costa Pacifica Baler

Surf up or relax at Costa Pacifica Baler

Baler in the province of Aurora in the Philippines is a surfer's haven because of the gigantic waves coming from the Pacific Ocean.

While many spend hours on the road from Manila, the capital, to this quiet town to have some thrill in the waters, there are others who come here for a lazy getaway, lounging at the pool while listening to the waves that hum in the background.

One of the newest places to stay while in Baler is Costa Pacifica. Located along Sabang Beach, it has a great view of the waves and it is very accessible to those who want to learn how to surf. Not only is its location very strategic and convenient, it also has great amenities, from its clean pool, airy restaurant, and neat rooms with fresh beddings most of the time. Not to mention their daily surprises and treats inside the room and their children's club. It is also good for a business gathering as they have the facilities to host small- and medium-size gatherings.

I specially love the hammock and the fish chairs found at the side of their pools. It's where you'd want to bring your friends or family for a beach escapade.

Costa Pacifica also provides tours around town and nearby tourist spots. We went to Ditumabo Falls in San Luis, Baler, which was an adventure hiking up the river, between boulders, crossing bamboo bridges and getting to the mother falls. It was like raining around the falls when we got there because the current was extra strong. We were told that it rained days before that was why the falls exuded so much energy that day that even the guides were surprised to see.

We also went to Ermita Hill which gave us a great view of the bay in Baler and the fishport. It is also significant because it was where families sought refuge when a tsunami struck the town in 18th century.  We also stopped by Digisit Beach, with all the rock formations that make great backdrop for some pictorials.

All in all, our stay in Baler was fun and relaxing. Thanks to the kind and helpful staff of Costa Pacifica who took care of us and making sure we have a wonderful tour of their hometown.