Sun, sea and Sardinia

Sun, sea and Sardinia

DH Lawrence wrote Sea and Sardinia. I've added the sun, beacuse there was plenty of it.

Just home from a two week trip exploring beautiful, sunny Sardinia and here's my diary.


4 nights in Arbus:

a village well-known for making traditional knives. The reason we chose it, however, was for access to the spectacular and unspoilt Costa Verde. From here we visited the beaches of Cala Domestica, Buggeru, Scivu, Piscinas and Porto Magu as well as the Temple of Antas near Fluminimaggiore. We stayed at Il Quinto Moro, a family-run B&B at the top of the village.


6 nights in Riola Sardo:

a small village on the west of the island close to Oristano. Our arrival on 26th July coincided with the feast day of Sant' Anna with fireworks and festivities to celebrate. Having explored the town of Oristano en route, from here we visited Cabras, Cuglieri, San Giovanni di Sinis, Santa Giusta and San Salvatore as well as the ruined ancient city of Tharros, the quartz beach of Is Arutas and the rocky outcrops at S'Archittu. We also made the trip to the nuraghic fortress of Su Nuraxi. We stayed at Francesca's house, a fantastic little blue house in the heart of the village.


4 nights in Cagliari:

Sardinia's buzzy capital city. Our travels ended with the chance to explore the Marina and Castello districts and take a trip to the ancient city of Nora. We stayed at Marina di Castello, a B&B on the top floor of a via Roma building.