Staying in a Pimped Up Trailer on the Rooftop of a Skyscraper Hotel - Grand Daddy in Cape Town

4xFour - Four Continents in Four Months!:

Staying in a Pimped Up Trailer on the Rooftop of a Skyscraper Hotel - Grand Daddy in Cape Town

After an incredible three nights at Grootbos, where we did everything...

...from great white cage shark diving, to whale watching, a sunset horse ride with beautiful sweeping views of the mountains... learning more about their agricultural  social responsibility project which they do in conjunction with ladies from local townships...

...we hit the road once again for our journey back to Cape Town.


Driving through the beautiful town of Hermanus, which looked like a small town in the Deep South, USA, I drove our Avis car back to Cape Town. Driving through the lush mountains, vineyards and apple farms, we arrived back in Cape Town three hours later - its only supposed to take two, but one of the main roads through the scenic roads, has been dug up to be replaced and so we drove about an hour on a dirt track - literally!


We arrived at the Grand Daddy and were shown to the rooftop trailer park, where we stayed in the trailer 'Dorothy' themed like the movie 'Wizard of Oz.'

Speaking to the general manager, we found out that there was a total of seven trailers, each with a different theme and from a different artist in Cape Town who pitched for the project to design the trailers. One of the trailers was sourced here in Cape Town, but the other six were imported from the US.

The space inside, naturally is quite compact, but it was pretty unique staying in a pimped up trailer, on the rooftop of a skyscraper hotel, overlooking table mountain.

The winds here have been extremely strong and at night the winds whistled around the trailer - thank goodness, we weren't blown away, like the fate of Dorothy from the movie!

Now that would have been ironic! :)


We've visited the V&A Waterfront for dinner and had a lush meal at the City Grill which was really affordable for the quality served up. Trying to keep in tune with being here in SA, we opted for the Cape Brandy cake which was lovely - a bit like Spotted Dick or treacle Sponge back home.

Yesterday we went to film and meet Peter and Beryn Daniel who run Rawlicious - a raw superfood organic produce company. They are known as being the founders being the new raw food movement here in Cape Town and they prepared us a luscious luncheon of quiche, salad and chocolate for dessert - again all completely raw!

It's a unique experience eating totally raw and natural produce, and even though I'm a veggie the experience was totally unique and one that I will remember for a long time!

Thats partly down to how hospitable Peter and Berun were though, inviting us into their home. Amazing people in an amazing City.

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