St Vincent and The Grenadines Blog Trip

St Vincent and The Grenadines Blog Trip

St Vincent and The Grenadines is a dream destination. When you think about the perfect holiday, what you picture in your mind is a white sand beach with palms, a beautiful sun and no stress, right? So this is definitely the perfect place for you!

And I am also sure it’s the perfect place for me as well: I am a lover of islands in general, and this trip fits me like a glove after spending 5 months in the Italian Alps where it didn’t stop snowing until the end of April.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have a clue about where the state of St Vincent and The Grenadine was, and you?

To answer any question you may have on this, here is some information about this unique place:
Located in the Caribbean Sea, St Vincent and The Grenadines is an island country among the Lesser Antilles that numbers about 125 islands.

This country is not only about sea and palms - I’m going to have an amazing tour across the archipelago, from the ocean to the heights of a volcano, crossing the colorful fields of a magnificent botanical garden.

Do you feel like jumping on board? Follow me on this fantastic itinerary!

Day 1

We will depart from Barbados & head to St Vincent where we get the transfer to Young Island Resort - the trip definitely starts in the right way... Jet lagged or not, it will be nice to lay on my bed in such a place!


Day 2

We will have an Island tour of St Vincent and will

- Visit of Botanical Gardens - famous for its spices and parrots
- Dark View Falls - bamboo bridges and splash pools, yes please!
- Fort Charlotte - History and great views over the island

We'll have lunch at Cobblestone Inn, St Vincent and later return to Young Island Resort


Day 3

Climb of La Soufriere Volcano - We're going to climb a 1200+ meters high active volcano. How fascinating!

At night we'll be for sure hungry and I'm looking forward to our dinner at the Driftwood Restaurant


Day 4

We are going to explore Bequia, the largest island in the Grenadines
Our lunch will be at Mango’s at Lower Bay, a paradise beach where I can't wait to be!


Day 5

Island tour of Canouan, a tiny island with an amazing lush vegetation
Another yummy lunch will await us at the Tamarind Beach Hotel

Day 6

Time to relax and at the Tamarind Beach Hotel
During my free time I hope to get to know some of the local people and ask them how it is like to live in such a place. It must be very interesting to listen to their stories!


Day 7

Departure to Barbados and then London - sigh!

The trip starts 14th - 20th, 2012

I’m sure there will be a lot to tell our readers about this trip, but for now all I can say is:

Thank you Discover SVG for inviting Traveldudes and organizing this trip!


Travel Diary shared by Giulia Cimarosti