Speakeasy Bars You Should Visit in Europe

Speakeasy Bars You Should Visit in Europe

A speakeasy bar is a secret bar, or an establishment, that serves alcoholic beverages.

The concept is that only the ones who know knows how to find it, and there will only be subtle hints on the outside of the bar. These bars was first established in the Prohibition era in the U.S., when it became illegal to import and to sell alcohol.

Today, however, it is a cool concept that has become very popular.


We’re going to show you some cool and exciting speakeasy bars in Europe.

1. Barcelona: El Paradiso/Pastrami Bar

El Paradiso, or Pastami Bar, is a speakeasy bar that looks like an ordinary café where you can enjoy some delicious pastrami sandwhiches. However, if you know where to go, you’ll find an exciting bar that has some amazing cocktails and a cool-looking bar area. To get here, you actually have to go through the fridge door from the café. This is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Barcelona, Spain, one day.


2. Oslo: Himkok

Himkok is an exciting speakeasy bar located in the centre of Oslo. To find it isn’t easy if you don’t know where to go. The only hint you’ll get when trying to find it from the street, is a small logo placed in the window. Other than that, you’ll only see a door and window that are covered up in grey paper. The bar has become more and more popular, and it is now famous for its delicious and tasty cocktails and talented mixologists.


3. Prague: Hemingway Bar

The Hemingway Bar located in Prague, is a bar inspired by the famous Ernest Hemingway, and many of the decorations are actually dedicated to him. This bar is known to be one of the most famous speakeasy bars in Prague because of where its located - in an unremarkable building. To find the bar, you have to look for a small black sign with its name. You won’t get any other hints than this one. Here, you can enjoy fantastic cocktails and beers, and exciting appetizers. This is a very popular bar, so to get a table you should book in advance.


4. St. Petersburg: The Kabinet

The Kabinet is an incredible speakeasy bar that is located in St. Petersburg. It gives you the feeling of being at a closed casino, but instead of playing poker or other card games, you are drinking tasty cocktails at a poker table. The cocktails contain a lot of detail, and the bartenders is also happy to serve you a cocktail of your prefered taste. This is definitely worth a visit if you’re a fan of the 1930s and the Great Gatsby.


5. Berlin: Schwarze Traube

Schwarze Traube, or the Black Grape, is established by an award-winning mixologist, and the bar resembles everything a speakeasy bar should have: tasty cocktails, beers and drinks, places to sit, and no menu. To get in, you have to go through a door that says “Please knock and smile”.


Now - Are you thirsty for some delicious cocktails?


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