South Africa Travel Encyclopaedia

South Africa Travel Encyclopaedia

South Africa as a country is on the most southern tip of the African continent and is surrounded by 5 other African nations which include Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. Within the borders of South Africa lies the Kingdom of Lesotho.   South Africa is split up into 9 provinces or regions.

The Republic of South Africa has three different capital cities, with Cape Town as the legislative city, Pretoria as the executive city and Bloemfontein as the judicial city.  South Africa is a well-liked location for travellers from North America and Europe. Men and women from Europe and North America do not need visas to visit South Africa.

Top tourist attractions you need to see

South Africa provides numerous phenomenal destinations to explore. These tourist attractions include many beautiful warm oceans and beaches, phenomenal savannas that stretches as far as the eye can see and some of the most remarkable wildernesses in the whole of Africa.

The city of Cape Town, are frequently rated amongst the top holiday destination cities in the world and also recognized for its sophisticated lifestyle in addition to its stunning views, impressive  waterfront and its spectacular sights when you are on top of Signal Hill.

Durban, is also situated on the coastline yet roughly 1000 miles (1600km) north-east from the city of Cape Town. It can only describe as one of South Africa's vacation play-grounds and probably one of the Africa's busiest ports. Durban has a variety of phenomenal galleries and museums along with the popular Durban Botanical Gardens.

About half way between Durban and Cape Town lays the city of Port Elizabeth. This city features a warm water coast, a well-known Concert hall, a famous Opera House, some very popular Game Reserves, a Feather Market and the Port Elizabeth Aquarium.

Most people that visit South African would normally disembark in Johannesburg, so visitors should make an effort to visit the world famous Johannesburg Zoo and the planetarium while you are in Joburg.

Purchasing food in South Africa

The South African currency is called the Rand, providing positive exchange rates versus the world’s global currencies. Your cash and budget plan will go so much further when you visit for the first time. After you have visited South Africa, you may have fallen in love with South African food. You can now with the help of web-sites like Saffa Trading buy traditional South African food like biltong and boerewors online via the website.

Places to see

All through South Africa there are a variety of fascinating areas of interest in the main cities but also in the country side, like the famous Apartheid gallery museum in Johannesburg, the Nelson Mandela Museum, and also the War Museum in the middle of Johannesburg.  For art enthusiasts, there are a variety of spectacular art-galleries with public and private exhibits.  The South African National Art Gallery is a definite must see as well as the Hout-Bay Gallery which features some of the most beautiful sculptures and painting in the whole of Africa. For those new to travelling Africa, there are many beautiful things you need to see and eat when you visit this great continent, so do make an effort when planning your trip.


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