Social Media Event and Seafood Paella in Valencia, Spain

Traveldudes is going to Valencia! #BlogtripF1:

Social Media Event and Seafood Paella in Valencia, Spain

After a couple of delayed flights and a stopover in Madrid, we finally made it to Valencia and checked into the luxurious SH Valencia Palace Hotel

An early start today to join the Social Media event held here in Valencia. The theme of today's conference sits nicely with our blogtrip: What social media is doing for Tourism. The winning strategies.


A few interesting brands / people at the conference today - Gowalla, Matador travel, Times Travel and V-travel. Case studies focused on destinations as well other industries:

Social retail (American Eagle outfitters)

Entertainment and Family (Cirque du Soleil and Disney US)

Luxury hospitality / travel (Four Seasons Hotel Group)


We're only half way into the conference, but here are a few extracts so far...


What is Gowalla about?

Using your mobile phone as a passport, checking in as you travel. Associating yourself with a place at a certain time, by receiving a pin each time you visit a new county. Gowalla is able to help visualise the story that you're telling.

We're seeing how people rely more on their social network to give them answers (recommned), rather than websites / unfamilair sources. People are pushing info out to their networks for the answers.


A question that Gowalla tend to ask their clients -

What are the experiences your brand seeks to create?

What are the places where those experiences shloud happen?

A good example of a luxury hospitality brand that's using social media well - and Gowalla in particular - is the Four Seasons Hotel Group. What did they do?

FS'd decided to become the luxury experts in 6 locations.
They consulted the local concierge of each of the 6 properties / locations in order to establish the 10 best places to visit around the Hotel (not the Hotel itself, but places in the surrounding the area).
When guests of the Hotel checked in at any of the 10 recommended places, they received a $100 gift card to use at the Hotel Spa.

Each time people are checking in or sharing a place, they are giving a personal recommendation. It's all about 'digital storytelling'. Sharing your experience, where you are and who you're with...

A good storyteller doesn't just tell a better story, they invite others into the story with them, giving them a better story too. Brands can be the force to inspire people to share...

John O'Nolan touched on emotion and how it is the driver of decisions and behaviour. Lots more to come and there will be links to the slides...

After an amazing seafood Paella lunch at Restauranto Submarino, surrounded by a large fish tank, as it's part of the Valencia Aquarium, it is back to the conference.


Thanks LandOfValencia for inviting Traveldudes to the #BlogTripF1!