Snowy Adventure in Tyrol, Austria

Snowy Adventure in Tyrol, Austria

What's wrong with the weather this winter?

I live 330 meters above sea level and usually we get a bit of snow at our place or close by (800m) within a 2 hours drive.

We had snow, but that was in October and then I was NOT prepared to enjoy it!

The solution: Tyrol in the Alps!

The plan: Have lots of fun!


But this time, I will try something new: Biathlon

I guess you know what it is? It's cross-country skiing, paired with shooting at targets. I've done cross-country skiing in the past a few times, but that was a few years back and my condition is bad nowadays, close to non-existant.

That will make the shooting far tougher, as my heart will beat not like it is now, when sitting at the desk. :) And that exactly will be my challenge. I want to hit at least one, better three targets. And I doubt that I'm a good shooter either. Hahaha

I do hope that I'm back in the technique quite quickly, where you slide through the biathlon trail, instead of running it. It's about finding a good balance between the legs, arms, pushing you forward and then sliding on your ski.

If I fail, I will concentrate more on the fat biking. I've done fat biking for the first time last year and it was lots of fun, as long you didn't have to cycle through the flat winter scene. The fun part is to go a bit downhill. That sounds easier than it is. A downhill track is something you have to get used to and getting down a snowy hill, does not make it easier. But it's definitely worth trying, if you have not done it!

It's always good to have a plan B... In my case, I'll have also a plan C and D. :)

Depending on the conditions in Tyrol, I might decide to hike on snow shoes. That's where you can dive into the nature. It's quite nice, if your team mates play along. To walk through this amazing scenery of the Alps, listening to the sounds of the birds and maybe spotting some wildlife is simply wonderful. This relaxing part fits just perfect with all the other action, which you can do in Austria.

The typical action will definitely be part of this trip! I'm looking forward to snowboarding and to explore the tracks of the Kitzbuehler Alps in Brixental.

I will explore 270 km of endless slopes, or at least as many as possible. Did you know that the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang in Fieberbrunn is one of the largest ski regions in Austria? Sounds exciting if you ask me. I'll let you know what I think of it.

Something you should always add to a fun winter holiday is the toboggan run, best at night, as long there is some floodlight. ;-) This will take us back to our accommodation, the Adeo Alpin hotel in St. Johann.


More activities to do:

- segway ride
- horse-drawn sled ride
- dog sled ride
- lama trekking
- igloo village
- more ski & snowboard


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