Seven. Seven seals.

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

Seven. Seven seals.

This morning we hiked through the rocks on a seal counting mission. After much searching, we found seven New Zealand native seals (and one dead one). You could only get so close to them before they turned and hurried off into the water, but I got a lot of pictures.

The scenery was amazing. If you looked away from the beach, it was like a desert scene, a lot like Arizona or Utah. But the beach itself looked like the black rock beaches in Hawaii. The water is lots of incredible shades of green and blue, and where we were today, the waves were huge.

Being here on this adventure makes me feel like a little kid again, whether it’s scampering over rocks or checking out the parks or playing in the water. It’s the best possible way to experience a country I’ve decided.

And I am grateful that I grew up in a family that taught me to always scamper over rocks.