Rusty the Kombi raises funds for a cancer house

Rusty the Kombi raises funds for a cancer house

When I first saw Rusty standing all forlorn and worn out in Horsts yard, I thought wow, she needs a little love.


I jokingly told Horst from Horst Auto Workshop in White River that I was planning a trip from the Tip of Africa to the Top of Europe to raise funds for a cancer house. He ummed and awed but said she would probably be OK.


He then went on to talk of a motor, saying maybe an 1800 Jetta engine would be good, I said If I was going to do it it needed to be a Aircooled motor, Those I can fix with a little baling wire and a pair of plyers. I suggested that a 2.0l motor would be great, He immediately shot that down telling me that the 2.0 l motor was prone to overheating, The only one that would be any good would be the 1600. 


I went off and contemplated some, and decided to write Horst a letter officially introducing him to Tip2Top and asking for Rusty. The good news is Rusty followed me home the on Friday. Now I was planning a whole lot of work expecting the worst. I somehow knew that we would be replacing floorboards, and sills and all sorts of things. I am excited to tell you I was wrong. The worst of the car cancer is on the passenger step. I will need to replace the step and a little repairing the door but the rest of that brown stuff is surface.


A little grinding back to metal, some stop rust, primer and Rusty will no longer look so awful.  Rusty will be a cancer survivor, with your help.


Rusty will be the vehicle to make many more cancer patients lives easier allowing them to join Rusty as Cancer survivors.


Click through to my site and see how you can help.


This article was written by Guy McLaren