Rugged trips around the country

Rugged trips around the country

It seems I've been embarking on trips towards rugged terrains in the country. After summer has passed and beach escapades were almost through, it's time to get on a different kind of journey.

My friends and I finally pinned down the date for our Corregidor Island. After several cancellations, our trip was finalized on the fourth of July. So, that early morning, while joggers were running through a marathon, we were also racing towards the pier to catch the 8:00am ferry.

The tadpole-shaped island was home to Filipino, American, and Japanese soldiers. It was the fortress of local defenders of our freedom and the battleground during the second world war. It was also the refuge of our government during the Japanese occupation.

As we went around Corregidor, we saw the ruins of the war and the battle scars left behind by bombings. Moreso, it has become a forest sanctuary of various animals including monkeys and birds. There we were visiting each barracks and batteries recalling how the soldiers bravely defended Manila Bay.

The trip capped with a lights and sounds show inside the Malinta Tunnel. The darkness gave us a chill, as if souls of those soldiers hovered around us. The tunnel was once the seat of our government and a hospital, among other things. Overnight visitors could explore its various laterals and sub-laterals, but we didn't gamble doing so. The day trip was enough for us to picture out the scene that happened early in the 20th century.

All sweaty and scorched under the sun, we seemed to have faced our own war against the heat. We went home all drained but not lost as we were able to remember the valor of the brave men who fought for our independence.