Rugby in New Zealand - GO MID-NORTHERN!

Working as an Au Pair in New Zealand:

Rugby in New Zealand - GO MID-NORTHERN!

Went to my second rugby game today.


Philip's team was playing (he couldn't because he had missed to many games due to work and the family's trip to Finland) against Kamo in the finals. The first half didn't look that good because Kamo led the game after a penalty kick 3:0.

But Mid-Northern (Philip's team from Hukerenui) only needed about three minutes during the second half to turn the game around. They scored twice and won the game 14:3 *woohoo*

I still don't understand all the rules and sometimes when the ref whistles I have no clue what just happened. But in the end rugby is a little similar to football. To score you first have to carry the ball behind the other team's line. That is five points. Once you've accomplished that you get to kick the ball and if you make it between the two posts it's another two points. A penalty kick - which you get for instance if the other team is holding the ball back on purpose or does a shoulder check - will get you three points.

That's the basics - anyone who's reading this feel free to correct me or add more rules.

I also met Raissa today who was another family's au pair until recently. She's German, too, and apparently she loved it here so much that now she is still staying with the family, got herself a job at subway and is trying to get settled at least as long as her visa allows.

There is some bad news, however. After having only been here for a little more than two weeks I am actually sick now. The kids, especially Eliza, have been coughing a lot lately. Yesterday my throat startet hurting too and today it's awful. I'm coughing all the time, my nose is stuffy and I can barely swallow ;-( Been drinking camomile tea with honey and lemon all the time and hope I do have some Chinese mint oil left because that stuff works like a miracle.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to the Zion Wildlife Gardens and I hope they'll like that. I've booked us onto a tour through the Gardens - the only way to get in - and we'll hopefully get close to all the lions and tigers *woohoo*



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