Province Negros Occidental and the City Bacolod in Philippines

Province Negros Occidental and the City Bacolod in Philippines

It's difficult to start off a travel blog.

Every place has its own unique points and every place has something to offer. But to get this ball rolling, let's get to the point of my origin.

Okay, so I'd be bragging about my province, Negros Occidental, and its capital city, Bacolod.

If Italy is shaped like a boot, Negros, on the other hand, is shaped like a sock. I want to believe that Negros got the perfect spot geographically because whenever I look at the Philippine map, it is right smack at the center and it looks aesthetically beautiful.

Since my parents' relatives are from various parts of the province, I always had the opportunity to travel to both north and south of Negros, although I'd say that I frequented the southern part more. Negros was known to be the sugar capital of the country and many haciendas are found in every town and municipality. In fact, it is the province with the most number of cities. Yet no skyscrapers could be found in this island. Although it has many cities, these cities are still vastly sugarcane plantations along with a plaza, a municipal hall, a market and other establishments and institutions.


Bacolod is fast developing with the entry of the malls but it has kept a culture of fun that I have grown fond of.

Oh, well, Bacolod wouldn't be called the "City of Smiles" for nothing. Everything seemed sweet there -- the food, the scenery, the people. The aroma of chicken barbeque always fills the air and, at night, the stars bring luster to the city scene.

But the rustic life in Negros is what lures tourists to this province. By just looking back, I can almost taste the delicious breeze of the seaside and the mountains. The foods are always fresh and delicious and you can eat a feast at a cheap price. To top all of these, Negros' selling point are the sweet nature of its people, who talk in a sing-song and friendly manner.

Come to Negros and you will still enjoy the simplicity of life. It has a charm that no real estate or commercial development can top. Just the sound of the river at Moises Padilla town, or the exciting trek at Mambukal resort or the heritage of Silay City or the morning mist in Kabankalan's mountains, bring so much memories and joy to me.

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