Port-au-Prince, things are changing rapidly

Haiti Volunteer Journal - Karin Rumpza:

Port-au-Prince, things are changing rapidly

Here we go!  Things are changing rapidly, as I expected they would, in Jamaica. 


I am now actually headed to Port-Au-Prince (PaP).  There is a school and an orphanage there that we will be partnered with.  The other team is headed off towards Jacmel where another orphanage awaits them.  In Jacmel, they will also be setting up a micro loans program.


As I get ready to switch to city mode I have some different emotions. 


First of all, I am relieved that I have a friend already there who I can hopefully meet up with.  Secondly, I am a tad bit sad that our team is splitting up.  We have become very close over the past 5 days and I was looking forward to working with everyone.  It is possible that I will be able to get over there on a weekend.  The drive is only 3 1/2 hours away but the road is closed at times due to land slides.  Plus, land travel in Haiti is extremely expensive.  We will have to see.  I am very anxious to get over there and see things for myself.  The city itself seems to hold most of the poorest people, so it will be interesting.


We spent our last day in Jamaica climbing a waterfall and chilling on the beach.  I think everyone needed a day to let out some stress and relieve anxiety.  I know I did.  We will be chartered over in the morning on a special cargo airstrip.  Hopefully they will be able to fit all the soccer balls I have brought on the plane!  I know the kids will love them!


As of now, Plan A for me is to set up some type of recreation program for children.  I believe 100% in play therapy and hopefully I will be able to implement something of the sort. 


The compound we are staying in is rumored to lack bathrooms.  It’s a damn good thing the architect is in our group!!  Yay for Jim!!  Although being a part of this development team has had its challenges, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We have our work cut out for us but the diversity in skill is amazing. 


I have no doubt that we will be starting something good for Haitians and the future volunteers that will work beside them.


I’m off to the local pub to celebrate with my team!


Mali!  (goodbye in Creole)



Written and contributed by Karin Rumpza (via Global Volunteer Network)