Popular Recreational Activities in Sydney

Popular Recreational Activities in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of South Wales and one of the most populous cities of Australia. Sydney is also considered as one of the most popular cities for tourists. The main reason behind this is the range of recreational activities in Sydney.

Best time to visit Sydney

The best times to visit Sydney are September through November and from March to May. The main reason behind this is that during this time the climate of the place is moderate i.e. neither too high nor too low.


Sydney is a kind of place where you will never get bored and you can always find something to do. However, when you are on your vacation you want maximum from your vacation and I have listed some of the major activities to enjoy in Sydney.


Popular Recreational Activities in Sydney

1. Ionic Harbor bridge

This bridge is also known as Ionic bridge and was opened in the year of 1932 after the nine years of building. This bridge has a separate path for bikes, the train and it also includes a walking pathway. I was amazed by the engineering and design of the bridge. This bridge is also well known for its design worldwide. Therefore, if you are on a trip to Sydney then this bridge is worth visiting since it also allows you to see Sydney from a different angle.


2. Opera house in Sydney

The impressive site of the opera house makes it one of the major attractions of Sydney. This building can also be considered as one of the most recognized and famous buildings in the world. It was built by a Danish engineer and it took approximately fourteen years to complete. This Opera house is equipped with five performance areas and it hosts approximately two thousand performances in one year.


3. Mountain biking in Sydney

Mountain biking is one of the major recreational activities in Sydney. If you have a high sense of adventure like me, then it is the best option for you. You can easily hire the bicycle on cheap rates and go for mountain biking in the Blue Mountains of Sydney. However, if you are new to this place it is better to take someone who knows the place well.