The Perfect Travel Experience

I'm off to Brazil.... No, I'm not! I'm off to Peru!:

The Perfect Travel Experience

Is there only one perfect travel experience? No, there are thousands...

And everybody got different ones.

The one I just had, I have had it many times already and each single time I loved and will keep loving it.


I got back from a fantastic day on the Amazon river in Peru. We were out on a boat trip to a lake which had many water lilies. These huge round plants which get as big as 1,5 meters and got spikes underneath. They look a bit like plates and float so good, that you can even lie things on it, up to 3 kilos.

Here and there a water lilie had a flower, which are only open for 4 days.

The more you watch, the more movement you see around you. A nest of ants hanging from the tree above you, a bird hopping from plant to plant, a sloth hanging upside down trying to reach a leaf to eat or a lazy iguana lying on a tree catching some sun.

But that wasn't the perfect travel experience yet, but it was good already, right?

The perfect travel experience was at that same night and back at the lodge, when lying in the hammock, looking towards the Amazon river, listening to the sound of the grasshoppers and frogs and going through the experiences of the last couple of days again.

Suddenly there was music!

The guys from the lodge started playing music which traveled all the way down the path towards the hammocks. It felt like the grasshoppers and frogs played along.

The next song was the well known “Cuanta Manera” (song on youtube) and the other travelers at the lodge all joined in with the refrain. I had a huge smile on my face at that moment, as it all sounded a bit weird, but I loved it.

I could have listened to it for much longer, but after one hour the dinner was ready, which was also a nice to have travel experience.


What is your perfect travel experience?


I was on this trip as part of the Wanderers In Residence project of gAdventures. All views are my own!