Paphos Mosaics - Preserved for more than 2000 Years

An Epic Cyprus Road Trip:

Paphos Mosaics - Preserved for more than 2000 Years

Neoptolemos, my guide for the day, met me in the hotel lobby and shortly after we were off to Paphos for my guided tour!

Even if I am Italian, I never saw one of those famous Roman houses with mosaics. Well in Cyprus I closed the gap!

I was so impressed with the Paphos mosaics, so well preserved after more than 2000 years.

The Tombs of the Kings were carved into the rock and underground, which reminded me a bit of the Egyptian temples, or maybe even Petra, but in a different shape and measure. 

Saint Paul’s pillar is where the saint was lashed 39 times before converting the Roman governor Sergius Paulus to Christianity.


Finally, is there a “sweetest” way to finish the day than visiting a loukoumi (Cyprus delights) factory?

In the small town of Yeroskipou, close to Paphos, they prepare the traditional and real loukoumi since generations.

At night, I had a great sushi dinner together with Mr Stavrou, the General Manager of the Alexander the Great Hotel and his wife, Giulia. She has Italian origins and we decided to spend the following day together.


Travel diary shared by Giulia Cimarosti